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I'm looking for a guide to learn email marketing. Can someone recommend a book or video series that can teach me how to write emails?

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    Originally Posted by mikeffd View Post


    I'm looking for a guide to learn email marketing. Can someone recommend a book or video series that can teach me how to write emails?

    Hey Mike,

    Let me give you 2 tips on email marketing:

    1. Talk like if you we sending a message to your best of friends! Don't address your message like if you were writing to a group, but instead, make it like if you were directly talking to one person only!!

    2. Write the way you speak. Best trick I'd recommend is to read what you typed out loud and if it doesn't sound like you, then hit backspace and re-write your message again. Make sure not to make any grammar errors and depending on your audience, still make it professional.

    Bonus: your emails should include a link to send your subscribers to. Be strategic because you don't want to waste your email traffic is you have a big enough list.

    I do have a video series I can refer you to for some more tips, but not sure if I can post it on here..

    Let me know if this helps!

    Tune into my new Podcast "Affiliate Marketing Secrets Radio" ==> HERE

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    If you search for Return Path articles, I know they did a whole series of articles on email marketing.

    Also, how to send emails without landing in spam.
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    Here's a very brief overview of what you must do:

    1) Build your email list

    Do this by running PAID ads if possible, directing this traffic to a squeeze page. Here, you need to offer what's called an "ethical bribe", which is something you give away for free in exchange for somebody giving you their email list.

    This is the fastest way to build your list.

    2) The strategy I use and teach to my merry band of not-so-evil minions, is to send DAILY emails to your list.

    Yes, really. You will be writing an email to them every single day. No exceptions.

    3) Provide value and entertain in every email you send

    Of course, sending daily emails will just annoy people if you don't do it right.

    But if you provide your list with value in every email you send and you make your emails enjoyable to read, then you'll have great success sending daily emails.

    (By the way, you should also plug a link to your sales page in every email. Once you've provided value and entertainment, people will have no problem being "sold" to.)

    That's a very brief overview.

    But it should help.


    PS- Binelus was spot on by saying you need to be yourself in your emails.

    It ties in with the entertainment factor. Remember, people buy people. They don't want to be reading anything that looks like it's been written by a corporate "suit".

    Let's connect on Facebook because it's always good to meet fellow marketers. Send me a friend request:

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    Emulate the newsletters you like most.
    Simple Two Step Formula
    Earns Me Over $146.72 in 12 Hours. This is Weird, But it Works!
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      Thank you for the replies.

      Is there a book or course you'd recommend?
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  • Read "The Email Lifeline" by Anik Singal.
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    you can check through youtube vidoes ..there are lot of tutorial guides or better hire fiverr gigs

    Mahesh Balan is an online marketer and an entrepreneur doing online marketing for many years.

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    You can still make money sending email but it is becoming more difficult. Before starting down this road, you should consider what is "good" income for you. If $1-$10k/month is good, then this can be had. If you want to make more than that, it will be a very difficult challenge. A few years ago this was not an issue with a good program. That said, there are always exceptions.

    Some people will give you suggestions for writing subject lines and some will tell you how to write copy. The thing you need to focus on is HOW will you send emails.

    Will you have your own email server and the freedom and difficulties that come from it or will you subscribe to an ESP (MailChimp, Vertical Response, etc.). Both have advantages and personally, I use both.

    Signing up for an ESP is super easy. Add emails and write a message and send.

    Setting up an email server is much more difficult. So why would anyone do it? It's a lot cheaper when sending to a large list (over 60k contacts). You can manage your own IP reputation.

    No matter which you go with, chances are that you will be banned from your first host or first ESP due to bad email list. That said, pay to have emails cleaned and verified. Do not use desktop software.

    There are so many things to know. Sending emails is just part of it. You need something to sell.

    Best advice - read a lot. Not just this forum but from others as well.
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    Subscribe to Ben Settle's list and listen to his podcasts. Rose
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    I don’t know if you can call it email marketing, but I have my own strategy. I contact people individually. I create something similar to a template and I just leave a couple of area to fill depending on the individual I’m contacting. I let them know what I love about their business or website, or whatever and after that I include my call to action.
    I get great overall conversion rates and successful campaigns. These type of emails do take more time and you can’t sent more than 100 per day, but in the end I consider them better than all the usual spam people get.
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    If you have a Kindle or a Kindle reader app, head over to Amazon and search for Kindle books on email marketing. Look for ones with a lot of good reviews. You can get these at very low cost and many times free. It's a great starting point.

    Rob Whisonant
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  • Check this short guide It should help for the basics.
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    Hi Mike,
    I was like you 2 months ago, so I can understand how you feel. I highly recommend you this life changing book: ''The Circle Of Profit'' by Anik Singal. I hope you get value from it, Good luck

    I am committed to Personal Development & Passionate of Self-improvement books. Discover 10 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires that could help you achieve financial freedom

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    When an email is utilized for sending a commercial message to a collection of people, then this process is known as email marketing. But if you look at a broader aspect, then an email which is sent to a client or a potential customer also comes under email marketing.
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    When an email is used for sending a commercial message to a group of people, then this process is known as email marketing. But if you look at a broader aspect, then an email which is sent to a client or a potential customer also comes under email marketing.
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    Email marketing is powerful but it also proves to be a challenge because the inbox is a hostile environment. Email newsletters can be annoying and therefore the prospect should be able to know that you are more than some senseless self-promoting spam bot.

    Good email content will strengthen your relationship with your audience with effective subject line writing which is crucial as it will get your message opened. Your unique voice, quality, specific content are the qualities which will be used for future prospects further leading to referrals and word-of-mouth.

    Your abilities to stick to the fundamentals of building authentic relationships with the customers will determine whether your email is note worthy or not-worthy.

    Email filters are becoming more and more complex and if your messages will end up in spam folder, your open rates will drop. In order to stay out of the spam filters, simply avoid sending emails which look similar to the spam. Such as, those which contain a subject line in caps or the words like free, deal, sale or rich. Ensure that the emails you are sending are not read as a brochure and also limit the amount of links that you include in order to keep safe and secure.
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    You can check YouTube there are a lot of good tutorials available. I myself have started from watching youtube tutorials. Other than that i guess many resources have been mentioned with in this thread. In addition, keep following warrior forum. You get invaluable advice from people who are actually working on the same fields.
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    There are great source of information everywhere on the net but 2 I would recommend would be

    Pat Flynn
    Ramit Sethi's - Growth Lab

    If you're looking for paid courses - Anik Singal is great also.

    Learn how I built a 14k email list and monetized it.

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    Hi Mike,
    You didn't mention whether you were looking for free tutorials but if not I can highly recommend for everything email related. It's a great resource and guarantees all of the answers to your email queries. i

    It's not free unfortunately but you can do a free trial to see if it's up your street or not.

    Good luck!
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    Start sending, and see what your users like the most by the opens and clicks. From this data you can base your future blog posts, products, etc and build up a niche market

    Good luck with it
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    I downloaded this earlier and find this guide is helpful. They required you to fill in a short form to download but it won't take 30 seconds.
    Complete Email Marketing Guide | eBook

    For the sample of email follow-up, here's the template that provide a good start.
    16 Templates For The Sales Follow Up Email

    To learn more on writing effective email, I suggest you to subscribe to the email list of reputable internet marketers. Read and study how they write the email and I guaranteed you can get a lot of creative juices flowing.
    First-come-first-serve - Sign up as early bird now to grab a FREE copy of "Residual Cash Profits" worth $27! Get it Now
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    Hy there,

    ::A strong mission ::

    (1) Treat your Audience like your own
    or your family. By that I mean give
    them values that worth more than you
    can imagine .

    This will make them to (LTK) Like Trust and Know you.

    And Finally: Know what to say and when to send.

    :_-:Hope that helps!
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    When an email is utilized for sending a commercial message to a group of people, then this process is known as email marketing. But if you look at a broader aspect, then an email which is sent to a client or a potential customer also comes under email marketing.
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    Hi Mike,

    I found an easy email marketing 101 tool that is easy to understand. It gives you just the basics so you may need to do more research:

    I am currently using ActiveTrail as an email marketing software. Their website also provides good articles with tips about email marketing. You may want to check it out!

    Best of luck,
    “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein
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