can an autoresponder autofill the city of my prospect?

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Autoresponders customize your lists names, eg "hey Mike, we have an offer for you!"
But is it possible for the autoresponder to show their location?

Eg. "Hey Mike from Toronto, we have an offer for you"

or is there a software that can do this?



I've seen some email marketing software, (but i lost it,) and when your list opens the message, it shows a geo map image of his city or state

lastly (out of place), is there a software that, if I have a long speech, and instead of redoing the entire speech each time to put a differen't clients name in it, is there a software to replace each persons name?
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    In Aweber you can add the country, region and city (using {!geog_city}) of your subscriber. Those are based on the IP of the subscriber. You can also add a city field when they opt in and use that but that's not recommended.

    In Aweber like with other autoresponders, when you write an email you can add variables like {!geog_city} or {!firstname_fix} which are automatically replaced with the city and name of the subscriber. So you can send this email to thousands of subscribers and the variables are automatically added in for each individual.

    So to get "Hey Mike from Toronto, we have an offer for you" write:

    "Hey {!firstname_fix} from {!geog_city}, we have an offer for you".
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    ActiveCampaign can track this, for every user.

    And you can start automation or IF/THEN conditions based on this.
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    If for some reason the service you use does not have the GEO capability built in but allows custom fields...

    You can use a script to determine their country or city when they visit your email capture page and send the value in a hidden field.

    Rob Whisonant
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    In the US use the state because a GEO IP for an ISP can easily be 50+ miles away from the real traffic location.
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