Optimum length of autoresponder e-mail?

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I'm launching a new eBook and video series, and am currently composing my autoresponder e-mails, which I'll send to my contacts via Active Campaign.

I've got the content planned out, as with all other aspects of the sales funnel.

Have a question though: what is the optimum length of each e-mail, in terms of maximising sales revenue?

Sometimes I receive emails that are 200 - 300 words long, and I get bored looking at them, as I think it's overkill. But, then again, I've heard that it is an effective number of words to include, as the audience want quality content.

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    There is no magic number when it comes to length of an email.

    If you are not boring your reader. And if you are making valuable conversations -- carry on with it as long as your point is conveyed.

    Use hooks, every now and then, to keep readers engaged.

    Ask questions, use metaphors and analogies to spice things up (whenever it starts getting boring).

    The bottom line is: There is no perfect length. Just make sure, you don't bore your readers - especially, in the beginning.


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    You should mix it up send short,medium and long emails so you are catering to all of the people on your list

    About getting bored I know what you mean, but some people don't find them boring

    At the end of the day you have to keep a flow with your emails get them excited about your content
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    I wouldn't waffle on forever,

    I would probably create a couple of options and test which ones are getting a better response.

    At the end of the day, say what you need to say, add in some CTA's and get your message out loud and clear. The more concise the better I say, as if you drag it out everyone gets a little cheesed off.
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    I generate a lot of leads. So the entire point of the emails is to get the user to click.

    I just did a word count on a handful of them and they were typically in the area of around 100 words. That includes links.

    However, it is less less the closing and any citations (if any citations existed).
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    Great - thanks y'all.

    I'll perservere with my current strategy then, which is to mix it up - some short, some medium, some long.

    Got some strong calls to action in the chain, as well as the occasional offfer, and request for answers via replies.

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    Best to test.

    Send some short and some long and see
    which get a higher click-through rate.

    Longer, story emails, work well, as they
    pull your readers in and get under the radar.

    Emails that are obviously trying to sell
    don't work as well – they put readers off.
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    Best to mix it up.. if it gets any longer put your content on a blog then put a link to it so that readers can read it there.. I really wouldn't do long emails though. I mean some might read it but most really don't have the time to read long emails..

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    I'll advise you to write a good quality email content with an exciting subject line to it. Also, try to incorporate images to your emails using responsive design so that they are readable on mobile devices.
    A high-quality email content is always the secret sauce to increase your email click through rate thereby helping you to increase customer engagement and customer retention.
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    When people are reading their emails they are in a "let's get the inbox empty as fast as possible mode." So you need the email just long enough to get them to click to a web page where they will actually move to a "let's read this mode."

    If the email is to long, they scan it and delete it. Unless you have built a solid relationship with them. Then they may. That's may read it like a web page.

    Just get them to a web page as fast as you can.

    Rob Whisonant
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