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Hi, I'm looking for a way to send out a daily random email, a different one to every person on the list. So there would be a bunch of pre written emails and every day each person would get a random one. Does something like this exist?
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    If you were to add people to an autoresponder, they wouldn't be getting the same ones that someone who signed up 6 months earlier got? That's about as random as you can get (automatically) I think.

    I don't know of any scripts out there that could manually do it - but I'm sure you could get someone from freelancer to create something that lets you input all of the data - and then place a piece of code into your email that displays a random selection from that.

    The question though is why? And how would you track what is doing well - what isn't... and if any particular sequence leads to higher conversions than others.
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    The email application or script your are looking for is very specific and niche, and it will be a improbable that something exactly like it already exists. There might be similar programs, but chances are they won't meet your exact needs.

    I would recommend joining a site like or There you can post exactly what kind of application you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay. A relatively basic php script should do the trick, so you should be able to hire a developer for $25-$50
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    I am curious what kind of random email you will be sending... lol. How would you track which of the emails are working well and how random do you want it? There is no one specific email to be sent to a specific person?

    Anyway, I don't think there is a software that does this. Maybe you would like to just outsource the work and have someone send the emails one by one. Just a thought.
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      Originally Posted by desireedavid View Post

      I am curious what kind of random email you will be sending... lol.
      Kind of like a daily horoscope or prediction type thing
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        If it's daily horoscope, then it would not be random. Emails will be sent to segmented lists, according to birthdays, yes?

        I think you are referring to personalized or segmented emails, where you sort email addresses according to each person's birthday and group them accordingly. Each group gets a specific email, such as their horoscope.
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    Hola warriors!
    Nice Question.
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