Need some tips on email marketing!

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Hey guys!
I've just joined the Warrior Forum and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in and getting some really useful info from you legends, and hopefully sharing my own wisdom too of course!

I'm slowly but surely growing my email database and I'm about to start emailing. Before I do, I'd love some advice on your email content strategy.

I think that email is the cheapest and most effective way to reach your market and turn them into sales but as I've never emailed before I want to make sure I get it right and leave as little to trial and error as possible.

These are the things which I've already considered and but if anyone has any more to add that would be much appreciated.

Subject line:
Super important to make it catchy and to make sure it grabs attention. I guess f those few words don't hit the nail on the head then no one will even open the email to make anything else count!

I've got all of those avenues covered to get people to take action. Can anyone add any other words of phrases that they've found prompt action?

So important to make content scannable and appealing - good pics, good layout and short sentences that can be skimmed etc...

I plan on having calls to action through all content - Buy now and Contact Us being the most important. Is it best to stick to one CTA or has anyone has success trying a few different ones in the one email?

This is one I'm not sure on - testing is obviously the way forward and I am awre of that, but in your experience is it best to add the recipient's name to your emails? As this is the first time I'm writing to them I was thinking that it's best to be more formal, however I'm not sure if I'd ever open up and email addressed to someone generic, so I'm sort of thinking not in this case. The jury's still out for me on that!

So in addition to having stellar content and a too-good-to-refuse offer can anyone else add anything that's worked for them in their email campaign? Would love to know what's worked for you and what has definitely NOT worked!

And yes, I will be testing to get my own results, but it's always good to get input from other experts in the field before making a start.
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    Cool you got a lead db already growing that's usually one of the hardest parts

    Keep ur emails short and clean. Add pictures when possible.
    Personalizing emails is never a bad idea. But not vital if it means keeping signup form shorter.

    Every niche is different so really put yourself in your traffics shoes.

    When it comes to CTA's I'd always recommend a strong focus on 1. Something that acts as an easy foot in the door (to capture lead and gather momentum) then begin upselling.

    No one wakes up and thinks today I'm going to signup to site x. And even when a compelling offer presents itself there are 1 thousand & 1 distractions in life. Your new lead has a limited lifespan of a few seconds. Don't let a confusing CTA, CC submit, or some other clutter get in the way.

    Best of luck!
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    Subject. I agree with you - that is most important thing. Only after reading subject of email webmaser decides if that worth to open email and read or not.
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    Nice tips, but Mattsuth you can not forget that offer is not the most important thing in your email. You should to focus on benefits which will get a potential clients when he/she will use from your solution (many people forget about that).

    In the Internet you can find a lot of examples call to action. But remeber CTO has to clear and show next step your potential client such as a meeting or a call. I give you a example: We can discuss the details via phone/Skype. Are you available this week?
    This is the clear and accurate message.
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    Looks like a good list of fundamentals to me. I'd be curious what some of the seasoned vets think is worth adding.
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    E-mail Marketing is the way through which we can promote our brand on many of the customers from one place. Email marketing has some tactics and points on which we should focus:-

    1. Make it easy to subscribe.
    2. Tell subscribers what to expect.
    3. Send a welcome email.
    4. Design your newsletter to fit your brand.
    5. Think about mobile.
    6. Know your spam rules.
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    The One Rule for Drafting a Successful Email Campaign IS “ TEST...TEST.. & Test”

    Without testing you will never get your desired result. You should test your email campaign with smaller group of email list to check what will be the outcomes. It will give you the idea about how people react to your emails, are the buying your products, are they really interested in your offers?

    Always segment your email list, before starting any campaign. Sending emails to people who are interested in your offering will increases the chances of purchases, higher click-through rates.
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    You SURELY have to TEST what is good to YOUR AUDIENCE.

    Every audience is different. I mean, there are people who's not too much attracted by the word "free".

    Countries where FREE seems like a scam.

    AND you have to nurture your leads.

    Acquiring leads could be relatively simple, but the most focus has to be in nurturing them,
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    Test, Test Test.

    I know you have read that before, but, it is true.

    I think the subject line is the most important--after all, if they do not open the email--then it does not matter what you say--as they are not going to read it.

    One thing to remember, though, in this day and age--try and make your emails memorable, make your subscribers look forward to seeing your email in the box--because you always give them something they can use--or say it in such a way that it strikes a cord with them.


    This will take some time and effort--and testing--but, once you get it down, it will be, chances are, worth the effort.
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