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Ive been making my first emails marketing campaign lately, to be honest im making my first steps at this area, and I still have a lot to learn, thats why everytime I have to design a new campaign I look at previous examples that help me to get ideas flowing.

Before this, I thought email marketing was dead, that it has lost the power it used to have for driving sales. Now my ideas about that have changed, although its clear email marketing is not what it used to be, its still a powerful tool if you know how to use it.

The key is to send modern and well crafted emails, thats why I use examples from other marketers or brands to get fresh ideas, those are same of this examples that caught my attention:


Paypal mailing are awesome, they are very clean and concise, and the copy writing is always talking about the benefits of using the service. Since I subscribed to Paypal, their emails were always the ones I opened in my inbox, I read them for months until I realise how good they where: so good that you could read them without even noticing.

J Crew Factory

This is an example I found in a marketers blog, and its quite pretty, look at the design: clean, nice and goes directly to the point, no extra copy writing or images that confuse the readers. There ir also a great idea in this one: to include a map with the location of the nearest store, a true deal maker.


This is what a newsletter should look like, a good use of high quality images and graphics, and a very concise and direct copy writing,
How many newsletters do you receive in your inbox each week? Dont they all look just the same? Like they were directly taken from the blog?. Starbucks shows that you can use newsletters in a creative way.


This is another example I found in a blog, and the amazing thing about it is the animation, I havent seen many emails that use GIFs, which is weird, because GIFs are probing to be a great tool in all platforms.
The copy writing is amazing as well, very concise and directly to the point, the mail ends with a button were people can click, great, simple and nice.

What have I learned from this examples? First of all, that simplicity is the key, we should stop sending emails over loaded with lots of images and text, why would the audience read those emails if they can find more nice content everywhere else?

Another lesson is the one given by Starbucks, its time to reinvent newsletters, and they have show an amazing way of doing it. And lastly, its time to add more resources to our email campaigns, GIFs are one of the things that we could be using.

What other emails campaign would you recommend?
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    Email marketing is very alive and well - I actually include a 9 video email marketing program as a bonus in the upcoming release of my new course - Hey, not selling you on it - just giving you perspective. (it doesn't release until Jan/17)

    you've shown us some examples of emails from other companies. Fine.

    But what you haven't talked about is your market - your potential customer - your purpose for the email in the first place. You need to engage your readers.

    There are different schools of thought - all can work.
    1. sell, sell, sell - sending people sales letters.
    2. Provide value - hard free training
    3. Build a relationship with your audience and position yourself as a leader.

    Since I really don't know what you are selling or what your objective is, it's tough to fully advise.

    However, #3 is usually the best way to go for long-term sales

    And, you don't have to have - and likely shouldn't have - all those graphics - UNLESS - this is just a monthly newsletter. Which isn't emailing them enough actually.

    If you are mailing daily or weekly, this is likely too much. (graphics, I mean)

    I hope that helps a little - but more info needed.
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    Thanks for your advice! I didnt include any information about my emails campaigns because that wasnt the point of this thread, my idea was to share those examples that I think are quite interesting, nothing more than that.

    I agree with your point regarding graphics, I also believe we shouldnt use them very much if we are sending mails constantly. After publishing the posts, I realise I didnt include any text only example, which is something I should have done.
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    Well, form is important but ultimately, it's about CONTENT.

    You know... the MEAT of the email.

    Sadly, most email marketers get this wrong.

    Remember, if you want to SELL the recipient of your emails, feed their need for a RELATIONSHIP with your brand. It's too easy to screw this up and get eaten alive by monthly Aweber fees.

    Want To Make More Money Online? Invest in BETTER CONTENT!
    Articles - Blogs - Authority sites - Ecommerce descriptions - Emails - Youtube video scripts - AFFORDABLE RATES!
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  • Hello,
    There are drag&drop builders out there with several templates included (like ours ).
    The important thing that follows is to thoroughly adapt the template to your niche by using both design and content.
    Most of the marketers are using either excesive design or a lot of content but the key to successful marketing is combining them the right way.

    You can try different tools like Aweber/MailChimp and see how it goes.
    Remember: Good content is effective but adding a nice design is even better

    Hope this helps.

    We built the best Drag & Drop Email Template builder available online.

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    I also like the ones from PayPal.
    “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein
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