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Hi guys, I have built my email list of 3000 subscribers over the past 2 years and the only problem I'm facing is how to write engaging followup emails to send my subscribers.

I am in the bodybuilding niche and i'm giving away a free downloadable exercise posters in exchange for email subscribers but I've always struggled with providing content to my list even though my site is 3 years old and has over 200 blog posts.

I have already added 25 emails to my 'follow up series', just giving tips on what to eat, how to build muscle and lose weight (And sending them my latest blog posts). Honestly, I haven't added an email to my followup series in months or sent out a broadcast and i'm paying aweber $49 each month.

The issue I'm facing is how to construct emails in a way so I don't run out of adding new emails to my follow up series. I also want to make some money like throwing in the odd offer (my own product or affiliate product).

I have made a bit of money promoting other products through my email list but not a lot. And the last thing I want to do is spam my subscribers with affiliate offers. I just want to give tons of Free value that will benefit my list.

I have already subscribed to other websites that are related to my niche to see what they are sending their subscribers but they're emails are nothing like what I'd like my subscribers to receive.

I am just confused and I'm thinking about hiring an email marketing expert to help me with this? Or is there a email marketing program that you can recommend to me (paid or free)?

Or maybe I am just overthinking and should just compile a bunch of emails on fitness that are helpful to my audience?

I definitely need some guidance with this....
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    "You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time."

    Do whatever you would like If you was on the receiving end of the emails.
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    Well you can hire a writer or use PLR in your niche and create a 7 dollar ebook and promote it to your list. or You can promote as an affiliate, a product that you would recommend.

    Such as...
    Muscle builder shakes
    other dietary vitamins and shakes
    Magazine subscriptions
    Click bank- JVZoo or warrior plus products.

    In order to promote you just find a product and write the benefits and suggest the product using your affiliate link or product link from your server that you will create. You can also learn about copywriting, but presell writing will be more useful for this. Just be honest with your list.

    Hope this helps
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    If you choose to compile emails to send out then maybe get some of the writers available at Fiverr to assist. Some of them will write 200 words for $5. Make sure you are very specific about what you want them to write about. This exercise will provide you with feedback. You may choose to cut & paste what you get back from the writers, or you may discover that the writers work provides you with insight and some clarity about the content you are trying to achieve. Try different Fiverr writers and see what comes back. Going through the process of specifying what you want written about will benefit you to focus at the very least.
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    Originally Posted by Commissioner View Post

    I haven't added an email to my followup series in months or sent out a broadcast
    Right now is a time of year that people make new commitments... for the next couple of weeks I encourage you to approach writing emails from that perspective. Load them into your Aweber account so that new subscribers get them. The idea at this point is to keep your list active. with an active list you can figure out what to do later. With a list you have not connected to, you may be forgotten and reported as a spammer. I encourage you to send something today that's helpful even if it's only 25 words.

    By the way, do you want to learn how to get over your fears so that you can accomplish your dreams? If so, do this exercise How to Get Over Your Fears so that You Can Accomplish Your Dreams

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    Do a short video as an intro instead. There are programs like bombbomb and possibly mail chimp that give you that capability.
    It also gives you the ability to see who opens it and clicks on your call to actions. Use that as an opportunity to reach out to them personally if you can.
    Also your subject is important. To help you with that, when deleting all your junk mail, take note of the emails that grab your attention and why, and also take note of the ones that are obviously spam and annoy you, so you know not to be like that.
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    First off, the information you are providing is not enough to help you come up with a plan on how to make a profit from your email list. Need to know the following:
    1. Opens and Click rates.
    2. The number of days that you send these 25 follow-up emails.
    3. The kind of the emails you are sending and those that your competition is sending.
    4. Your website and the sign up form you are using to get subscribers.
    5. Your site traffic and how much of this comes from your email list.
    6. Other ways to monetize your website: are you using any? what ways are you using?

    What I can tell you from what I've read in your message, is that 25 follow-up emails are way over the number you should send, but again I'd like to see these emails, in how many days you're sending them and what they contain. With my copywriter we have concluded that the best follow-up emails structure is 7 emails in the first 14 days. We have also come up with a specific plan on how to send these emails (which day we should send the first, the second, etc.). So, to start with I would suggest you decrease the number of your follow-up emails to 7.

    There are many things you can do to get huge profits from your email list without having your subscribers feel you're spamming them, but again there's a lot information needed to come up with a full plan on how to make the biggest possible profit.
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    Originally Posted by Commissioner View Post

    Honestly, I haven't added an email to my followup series in months or sent out a broadcast and i'm paying aweber $49 each month.
    Well, you can off-set that by, of course, sending emails...

    And promoting offers so that you're not in the red.

    Originally Posted by Commissioner View Post

    And the last thing I want to do is spam my subscribers with affiliate offers. I just want to give tons of Free value that will benefit my list.
    Then what is the point of building a list?

    There's plenty of other ways to give tons of Free value without the $49 each month price tag.

    Being unsure about what to write is one thing...

    Not wanting to promote offers to your own email list is another (which needs to be fixed immediately).
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    Check some EMAIL SWIPES included in affiliate's program in your niche, like Mike Geary's one.

    and... you dont know what your subscribers want? want to do to get their attention?

    ASK THEM !

    Send some surveys! So you can better focus on what REALLY matter to your audience.
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    3000 subscribers are a good number and you have put in a lot of hard work over the years. For my case, I created many autoresponders to test out my lists. I had set-up autoresponders with 3 sequential emails, 5 sequential emails, 14 sequential emails from totally different lists but within the same niche.

    The reason behind had enable me to know what is their response towards different length of sequential emails from the same traffic source. I found that the open rate had decreased over time due to longer sequential emails. And they may no longer interested with my email, and if so this means my list will be gone and left unopened forever.

    So, what I did was sending them some free gifts (with value) that had somehow helped some of my subscribers, as you know that not everyone would have the same interests at the same time. This will only help me to maintain part of my subscribers that had read my emails. Nevertheless sending them valuable newsletter will also make them anticipate my next mailing.

    I had no problem promoting affiliate products to my list with below $7 which might help them as long as they are in the same niche. For products above $10 I would consider they will not purchase it at all because they just get to know me.

    Keep sending newsletter to your list is not a problem at all however; continuously sending promotion emails will chase them away.

    Last but not least, I do agree that it is not a good idea to spam your subscribers with affiliate products but if you really want to make good money from your list then the best product is your workout schedule, diet recipe and results.

    Wish you all the best.
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