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by odesk
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Hi friends.
I know bit wordpress codex working.
I made coupon site with clipper and did modification to make it awesome with more SEO friendly that Google can boost its each and every page.
more than 55 stores have approved my membership and also I am now trying to do little bit marketing for it.

I dont want to do guest post or article working for it.

I started promotion with solo marketing.

can email marketing help me in coupon site advertisement?

I tested some emails on live, gmail, yahoo, custom server. I am getting inbox delivery.

I need little help and simple and solid solution.

what should I do?

Not getting ideas......
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    hi, I have an online store, how to list my coupon code on your site?
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      Originally Posted by ExeFort View Post

      how to list my coupon code on your site?
      You just need to submit your coupon and also create store when you'll be submitting coupon.
      Register Account and Share Your Coupon

      Don't talk, act. Don't say, show. Don't promise, prove.

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    I believe inbound email marketing would work early great, on 2k17 its still #1 online marketing channels.
    both ROI $38 for each dollar spent, and conversion 66%. but you will need to build an email list first.
    There are many email marketing software/services online. will help to mange you mailing lists and deliver your emails. I also believe Email Automation is the key to successful email marketing business..those are other Self-Hosted solution which will require server management and advanced set up.
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    I definitely think that email marketing can help even a coupon site! I would highly suggest looking into some sort of software (Autoresponder) to store all your email subscribers and have the opportunity to prewrite an email sequence so you can always send them back to your coupon site.
    You could offer something like "Best Coupons Weekly, Straight Into Your Inbox". That way you could always be sending your subscribers back to your site
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