I Just Started Building My Email List

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Hello Guys,
I wanted to ask You a Question

I Just Started Building My Email List and have two problems :

A) My Conversion rate is not very good 300$ spent on ads PPC, as a result 300 subscribers .

B) The Open rate is very small Too when i send newsletters only about 5%.

so can you Please help me find free traffic sources or give me any ideas to promote.

Thank You.
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    Forum Posting is a pretty good free traffic method.

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    Thank you William Foster
    I ll manage to start that ASAP
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    Creating videos on youtube does a good job also, and its free
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    The questions I have before I go into this are: what kind of traffic source are you using, have you done research on that traffic source? Ar other people having good results from it? Or is it doubtful? What niche are you in, what do you want to achieve with your email list? How are you planning to monetize it? Is what you try to do proven to work with that particular traffic source?

    Say, if you are using bing ads and CPA then I'd say you can take it for granted that it COUlD work, as it is working for many others.
    If you are using say fiverr traffic or safelists then it is at very doubtful, as most people cannot make this kind of traffic work at all.

    That's the first thing to look into. But now I'll take it that you have already done so and the traffic source is one that could work, is reputed to be relevant to your "offer" whatever it is and has worked for others. What to do before you go on to the next traffic source?

    You don't give a lot of info here, but I'll just do the math on your numbers:

    spent $300 on traffic, got 300 leads, that's $1 per lead - not too bad in many a context

    You get 5% open rate, that's 15 people who opened your email (s)

    You would need:
    ALL 15 of them buy something that makes you more than $20 in profit or commission
    ONE out of 15 buy something that makes you more than $300 in profit or commission
    and everything inbetween. In fact you need to make more that $1 per lead on average

    Now do your own math with the rest of the numbers that you didn't disclose:
    - Your CTR: How many of the 15 openers clicked on a link or links?
    - Your conversion rate: How many of these clicks made you money?
    - Your customer value: How much profit does a conversion make you?
    - Your customer lifetime value: Are you promoting one time sales or something with recurring payment?
    --> Determine if you have a winning funnel or not:
    Look at your ROI rather than looking at cost per lead and open rates. I'd happily pay $10 or more for a lead if my average lifetime customer value was something like $50 to $100.

    *** BTW I believe that 300 leads is not a high enough number to determine anything at all. It's not statistically relevant.
    And take into account that there may be times of the day / week / month / year when you get better quality leads from the same traffic source than at other times. Also take into account that (if you are targeting more than one country) you may get better quality leads from one country than from another country.
    Say your ad ran for 2 hours and you created 300 leads you could just have happened to get a time of the day when bored teens from Nigeria (no insult intended to any Nigerians) are clicking totally irrelevant ads like yours and opting in for fun ... (fantasy numbers and blatant assumptions to explain my point)
    Now if you decided that this traffic source was crap from these 300 leads alone you may be totally wrong, because if you had targeted some country other than Nigeria or of your ads had been spread out over several days or weeks your results may look totally different. ***

    If you do not have a winning funnel, try to identify your weak spots.
    Are your leads targeted? - What do they expect to get when they see your optin page?
    Are your leads buyers? - What were they looking for when they clicked your ad?
    Is your email copy compelling? - Do you give enough reasons to open / click / buy? Do you heavily outline the benefits that people will get from your products?
    Is your market saturated? - Are you trying to sell an old product that every single lead on your list has already seen a million times?
    etc. List goes on
    You then can proceed to test and try to improve on weak spots.

    These things are in YOUR control:
    Test subject lines for higher open rates
    Test email copy for higher click through
    Test offers for higher sales numbers and / or higher sales commissions

    Split test your landing page for higher conversions, but keep in mind that higher conversion rates my also result in less targeted leads. Meaning, if your landing page is so over optimized that it appeals to a ton of people that are NOT REALLY interested in your offers, your optin rate will go up and therefore your cost per lead will go down. BUT this will not be helpful at all later when you try to get better ROI from these leads.

    So rather than just going for higher optin rates you should go for an approach of targeting: Write your ads so that they are very relevant to your offer. Same with landing page, make it 100% relevant to your offer.

    The traffic you get is not really in your control. By choosing the right traffic source and targeting your ads you can gain a little control, but that's as far as you get.

    I would rather work on the things inside your control and try to make the traffic work for you instead of hopping around trying to find an "ideal" or "free" traffic source.
    There's nothing an agnostic can't do if he really doesn't know whether he believes in anything or not
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    Thank you very much rritz, i am happy that i learned more about statistiques and that my result was not too bad , actually i already made 50 dollars in commissions and i m still promoting..
    so thank you very much all.
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    I'm also got 5% people open my emails as well. Not yet know why is that.
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      Originally Posted by Mabu Map View Post

      I'm also got 5% people open my emails as well. Not yet know why is that.
      Because most people don't open spam would be my guess.
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    Sometimes the open rate is about the quality of the traffic. If it was not real people signing up they obviously will not open. Another way to increase your open rate is to have interesting subject lines. If you have something shocking or mysterious people will likely open. Also if you can get to know the people on your list, they will open. I follow "gurus" and mentors and I open all of them because I know and like them. I either read to buy or read to learn how to write better emails...

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      More and more people use a second email adress to get the freebies and only open that account a few times a year.
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    YouTube... Solo Ads... Facebook Ads.
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    I know how challenging it can be to build your email list. I just posted a new article to my blog on this subject.
    One way to build your list is to offer something free . Offering some free content that is relevant would entice your reader to part with their contact info. This is very important. That's just one idea. Here are a few more ideas...
    1. Specify a Date: Tell your customers that the bonus is only available for a limited time. Specify the date and let them know that the offer won’t be there after this time.

    2. Time’s running out: Tell your subscribers that they only have x amount of minutes to subscribe. Including a timer on the page can help drive conversions even faster.

    3. Sneak Preview: Inform subscribers that they’ll receive a free sample of your content if they subscribe to your list.

    4. Great Deal: Tell subscribers that you will give them a coupon or a discount on one of your products or services.

    5. Publish Again: Let subscribers know they can republish or reprint your content if they subscribe to your list.

    You can contact me for the full article of 15 ideas that will help you build your email list.
    Thanks and have a great day.
    Mike Griffith
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    Well $1 a lead CPL is not bad but if they are not active lead's who cares right. Your open rate on the first email should be 50-70%. I suggest your ads don't tell them enough about who you are OR you are getting bunk leads from your PPC campaign. There are people that scam PPC networks with fake clicks and bots... Never ends. Anyway good luck
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    hey there

    You did not give enough information for me to guide you correctly

    however $1 a lead CPL is not bad at all.
    . it would appear your ads might not be telling your prospects enough about who you are.

    if you are looking for a good free traffic... try fb groups

    join as many groups as you can...they will allow you to join 30 groups per day then wait a bit
    for them to except you in the group
    after that you can post directly to each group

    talk soon
    sam f
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    Work more on free traffic sources like forum posting ,quora its also good youtube channel ,facbook groups etc .And try to improve your first propozition that people see ,its important to attract atention
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    So wait you got 300 subs for $300?

    That works out to $1.00 per subscriber - which really is not that bad.

    You need to offer a solution the problem your subscribers are currently having.

    Charge them for it of course and you'll be fine.

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    Can anyone tell me here, How to get targeted audience e-mail list?
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    My conversation rate is around 40% for free traffic. So are you offering something of true value?

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    This is very typical when people buy solo ads to build a list. Honestly each list member is on 80 other email list.
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