How I started out making money with email marketing

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Hi there just thought I would share some useful information. I've been email marketing in the MMO niche for about 1.5 years now. I think the hardest part for most people is building the list without spending a fortune on traffic. Let me give you a brief summary on how I managed to build a list of 3000 subscribers in my first month without buying traffic.

Step 1- Build a simple funnel with a landing page that converts at least 40-50%. I usually go with a landing page that has a white background. And the headline will be something like "Claim your Free Gift". The optin box should be directly below and say "Access Now". Make sure to give them a gift in your first follow up message when they subscribe.

Step 2- Go on Facebook and join clickbanking/click swap groups. Find 5 people to send clicks to, and 5 people to receive clicks from. Start off swapping 100 clicks at a time.

Step 3- Get a click tracking service. I personally use clickmagick for everything. Create two rotator links. One for your landing page and the other for your clickbanking partners link.

Step 4- After someone subscribes to your landing page have them redirected to your clickbanking partners landing page.

Step 5- Keep getting more and more clickbanking partners and your list will start to snowball in size without you spending a penny. Your clickbanking partners will continously help you deliver your clicks to your clickbanking partners. You can easily have 200-400 clicks per day coming through your funnel after a month.

Step 6- Start promoting CPA and CPL offers. I've always used Cashnetwork. It's free to use and they assign you an account manager who will recommend offers for you to promote. Promote these offers via broadcasts.

Step 7- Congratulations you are now making money online without spending thousands on buying leads. Buying traffic works well too and is 10x quicker. It's just personal preferance

I know this is not super detailed but it's brief breakdown of how I managed to money fast. If you would like to know more I can record a video and post it here as well.
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