The 2 greatest skills you can learn as a newbie email marketer

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I got my start on the Warrior Forum and wanted to start giving back with "secrets" I have learned over the years.

In addition, I would like to just contribute and add value to those who are just like me when I first began.

I had no idea WHAT was right or wrong!


For those of you who are new to email marketing, your #1 asset will be learning how to sell without using hype.

This means things like using lots of "!'s" and other "screaming" techniques such as using too much bold face print, ALL CAPS and anything else that would not fall into normal emails that we would get from a family member or a dear friend when they are trying to convince you to do something. (take your care into the shop, dentist, etc)

Many people like to relate emailing and selling to seduction, but I don't like that term.

It is actually persuasion.

They call it many things such as "marry me marketing" etc, because they are trying to show you that the process can take time.

(However, this is not always true, but I will save that for another post.)

Back to HYPE.

When you sell without hype, you are selling without screaming your promises...instead, you are selling (sharing) your solution to their problem or desire.

If you watch any of the infomercials online (and really much of the advertising online period), and try to copy it, you will find yourself quickly...not selling anything in your emails.


Too much hype, cliche, and statements they have heard before, which are also statements they QUICKLY tune out.

So, for those of you who are new to selling in email, the 1st fundamental skill that you can learn is to know how to talk to your audience as if they were your friend.

It sounds basic because it is.

But, it 's the basics that are the backbone of communication and persuasion.

Be yourself, because as you learn tactics about selling, you can integrate these into your own personality instead of a created one.

Numero 2 - Use simple language.

If you read some of the most well know sales letter out there, you will notice that the language is very simple to understand (1st-4th grade in many cases).

This helps your message get read at a much faster rate and it is easy to absorb.Remember, a marketing message sent via email doesn't need to prove anything other than the fact that you can help them. It's about THEM...not us.

You do this best with easy to use & understand language.

I hope this has helped someone. I wish someone told me this when I first began.

This will be common sense to marketers, but to those who are new to the game, it will save you time & frustration.
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