Question about affiliate promotions by email.

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Let's say I want to promote a W+ offer,
and I got 3 follow up for that one offer...
How can I automated that when a subscriber buy the affiliate offer has to be taken out of that list in order to not receive the same follow up promoting the same offer he already bought?
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    I don't belong to W+, so what I say may not be possible if they don't support postback.

    I promote a lot of CPA offers, so the biggest platform that CPA networks use would be Cake. So in the offer url you have s1=&s2=&s3=, so in s2 you would add s2=emailaddress.

    Where emailaddress is, you need to replace it with the tag that the ESP uses for the emailadress

    Whichever ESP you use, you would need to use a token to insert the email address into the S2 position. If you use getresponse for example, you would use s2=[[email]] and getreposnse would replace [[email]] with the users email address

    Then you would set up a postback script and specify it in the platform, so that each time a conversion happens, they send you the S2 info. Something like...

    You can use third party tracking instead of creating a script, but you can do it for free with a simple script.

    Where #s2# is, the network returns what you had for s2, which was the email address, what was entered in place of [[email]].

    Depending on the platform, it's just a matter of using the correct field in the url to insert the email address. Pretty much all major platforms have a postback option. Just check with W+.

    The one downside is that anyone that has access to the cpa/affiliate network records, can see what the email address was. If this is a concern, you could set up a custom redirect script that encrypts the email address, so that no one can see it. Then when you get it, it will then need to be decrypted back to the email address.

    If you're new to all this, it may sound a bit complicated, but it's really not. So don't let it dissuade you.

    Once you have the emails of the buyers, you can manually move them to another list within the ESP that is for your buyers. You could also build a something custom that uses the API of the ESP and automate it, so you don't have to do it manually.
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    I would say that one of the easiest ways to do that would be to offer a bonus.

    Have them opt-in (or send you an email) to get the bonus after purchase.

    Other than that I believe JVZoo would allow you to do that if you integrate with GetResponse and I think

    Hope that helps,

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