How to create an automated weekly email containing our most popular Wordpress posts from prior week?

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I run a tech publication. We presently offer a daily email which automatically sends out all of the articles we've published that day in an email to subscribers of our list. We do this with Wordpress and Mailchimp using a simple RSS feed.

Now we'd like to make a weekly option for those who don't want a daily email. Since the number of posts published in a week would be overwhelming for a single email, we'd like to send out only the most popular posts that week (that would be by views or by shares). However, we haven't found a way to do this via RSS, because we haven't found a plugin which could generate an RSS feed of the most popular posts from the prior week. Of course it could be put together each week manually, but an automated method is our goal.

Does anyone know any approaches through which we could make this work with Wordpress + Mailchimp?
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