How to provide value?

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So being as new as I am there is much I still do not have a clue about. I know when trying to build a list I need to give something in return for the email.....but what? Where do get a ebook to give? What other things can you do for this? Also in the follow up emails how do you provide value?

Thanks for your time I know this is basic stuff to many of you....but as a guy who train martial arts I understand asking a higher belt is how things are learned.
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    You write an ebook because you know what you're talking about

    You publish blog posts, and video content

    You have something interesting/relevant to share, such as news and interviews with industry experts

    You offer discounts on your product
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    Some if us define value in different ways.My means of giving value is by pinpointing the persons issue and diagnising it.

    You don't have to be an expert to do these things but you must be a good listner.So engage in conversation ,give feed back sell the bebefits of your products and services.

    People buy for different reasons ,some do it out of fear,anger, excitement .
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    Basically Gama, value takes many forms like:

    - blog posts
    - videos
    - podcasts
    - guest posts

    but.....and it is a big BUT create value through these types of content, you need to:

    - research your niche
    - study
    - learn the in's and out's of the content channels I mentioned above

    Stick around Warrior. Plenty of helpful posts on a wide range of topics related to sharing value through content.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Give others what they needs, solve their problems, illustrate new ideas, envision a new world, guide them to better... etc.
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    If you don't have an ebook, you can get a plr ebook and give it.
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  • As others have rightly suggested 'value' is in the eye of the beholder.

    So you have to ask yourself what sort of people, with what sort of interests, you want on your list.

    You then need to offer a gift that will be of interest to this type of individual.

    The reason this is so important is that when you come to communicating with your list in the future and suggesting products or services to them, you will know what to write to them about and what to offer them.

    For example, if you attracted people to your list by offering '5 Top Tips For Fly Fishing', you know you will have lots of interest if you write to the list about fly fishing and offer them products/services that will help them fly fish.

    Once you have that sorted, you can quickly create your own free gift (or lead magnet as they are known), by Googling something like "Top Tips for xxxx".

    From the responses, choose the best information, rewrite it in your own words (DO NOT COPY!), and bingo you have your own guide to give away.

    I hope this helps
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    First, identify who will receive your "value".

    For my industry, it will probably be 35 and above, working to meet ends meet.

    Their biggest challenge isn't making enough money but having no time to spend with their family....

    So my "value" is to help them move from working 80 hrs a week to working 24 hrs a week.

    And my information will contain details on how they can do it.

    The key is finding out what they want and help them acheive it....
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    Concentrate on what they want, then concentrate on the remedy, the quickest, easiest and cheapest way, those three always seems to get them going.
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  • Anything that is useful to the subscribers can be a lead magnet, not necessary must be ebook. You can buy, create or hire others to create the lead magnet. The content of the follow up emails must be tailored to the niche and the subject that people are subscribed to.
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