How to setup This Tricky Mailchimp Automation?

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I have a site where I sell sport betting tips.
I have setup a 10-series "free training" on how "New Comers" can do research themselves and come up with winning tips.

On the 6th email, I offer them a 30% discount for the new members, available only for 5 days (with a count down timer).

I will be switching this ON and OFF depending on income (when its high, I switch this offer off).

Some people may buy the premium service and pay the full amount BEFORE they get to the 6th Email, so I dont want these people to be shown that 6th Email. They may feel bad or they may ask for same discount when they want to renew.

Is there a way I can setup Mailchimp so that once a user has paid, he will not receive this 6th email in the 10-part series?

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