What email platform can I upload and old but large email list to?

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Hello everyone,

I have a slightly old email list that I kept in a file. I'm looking to upload it and revive it but it is several thousand strong.

Will any platform (or which platform) allow me to upload 5000 to 10,000 emails if they are in a Google drive file?


Robert C.
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    Good day Robert.
    Emailarketing has never been so easy.
    I'll advice you use GETRESPONSE.
    It one of the best.
    If you will love to know more sir, let me know
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      Can you please provide insight on using get response. Thanks

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    try sendy(self hosted) or campaigner
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  • Hello Robert,

    I had the same issue as I had thousands of email addresses that I needed to upload into a mailing system, it was a very effective subject that I placed a post on my blog about it, basically the best email marketing and most cost effective way to do this is by going to GetResponse and selecting a free trial for 30 days and then upload 1000 of your email clients, then once you go over 1000 you will be charged the going rate for the extra, GetResponse or Aweber actually are very similar for this simple task. GetResponse is slightly cheaper in the long run.

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      Do they allow to send newsletters to the list created from that uploaded file?

      I'm asking, because I did this in MailChimp and my account was disabled for spam.
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    You'd want to run those lists through an Email Validation services. to remove invalid emails, and remove knows spam traps.
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    I use Drip.com these days but I hear ConvertKit is great too!
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    Maybe google sheets will help you ? All info will be always there!
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    You can use sendeagle.

    It's very affordable and has tons of cool features.

    I uploaded my list of 38,000 subscribers from aweber to sendeagle and was paying over $300/month for aweber.

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    Market Hero will but you have to verify them first
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    yes, you can use mautic platform for this. here is link you can get it from here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/enhanc...c-integration/
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    It's a good idea to use a hygiene service to clean your list first if it's slightly older, that way you can remove old addresses and spam traps as another user suggested.
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      Yes, it's important to clean up the list a little
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    yes, you can use mautic platform for this
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    first, run a test to see which email addresses are still in use, clean up the crap, then proceed to another test. If old with @company... most of them will be forwarded and your pratice notified as spam. Don't play with that.

    step byy step, check the integrity of those data, complet them, look at which ones are relevant, well, clean that list up.

    it's easy and will help you avoid lots of troubles.
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    Hi Robert,

    Since it is an old list, it is better that you clean that email list first before use it. There are various email cleaning list tools that can help you on that, for example MailboxValidator. You can use the tool to clean the email list, and then import to your preferred email marketing campaign tool and get started. Various email marketing tools had been recommended by others above, so I would not list out here.
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    you can using WordPress plugin and solve your problem.
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    Hey Robert,
    I'll advice you use GETRESPONSE.It's very affordable and has tons of cool features.
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    I know this response may be hard to take but I would strongly suggest not uploading an email list like that. It is a quick way to get blacklisted. Email service providers don't really like it when you do this.
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