Would B2B email marketing alone work in pitching your solution/product?

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Picture this - you work at a startup tech firm selling software, your company is new, and you don't have customers at all. All you have is your laptop, a spreadsheet containing email addresses of the Top 50 business in your area which are most likely to purchase the software your company is selling, and a cup of coffee.

Question is - would email marketing alone work in pitching your software solution to these top 50 business? Would recipients simply mark your email as Junk/Spam, and add your email to its auto-delete list? Would you instead consider cold-calling these top 50 businesses and immediately schedule a face to face meeting? Would you also just create multiple social media accounts (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, to name a few) and create social campaigns to increase brand awareness?
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    Data is something that immediately puts someone in charge mode. If you are going to mail directly, matters not how good your software is, since you are new, chances are quite high that your mail is going to be dumped.

    Email marketing only works if you're able to first establish your presence as clients then connects. It is surely a good option to first work on your social media accounts ( if not SEO, as it is going to take time for sure) and then after you have a small presence approach clients via mail or cold calling.

    Remember, the rule is.. if they call you for your services, conversion is sureshot but if you call and they don't know about you. rejection is clear.
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    I would be inclined to setup meetings.
    Unless you have something that is so good, the company wont be able to say no, then setting up a meeting and building a relationship is going to be the way to go.
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  • that can work but ,with cold calling ,but trust me B2B companies dont have the ceo at the contacts, reaching out to staff working in a company may not be the ultimate solution, i would advise writing an article on your facebook page or doing research on linkedin on people working for the company and reaching out to them directly for a business collaboration
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    Hello @WF-Enzo,

    I would like to break it down for you.

    Firstly, Email marketing can help in a huge way if you already have the database. Rather there are servers that can automate the task for you and you can use that time on promoting your business on social media and other platforms that I will mention later.

    Secondly, If you are automating with a server that offers dedicated IP, IP rotation and tracking delivery, it will be easy to work with. Also, the server I used had a quite minimum rate of my email reaching the spam so it worked for me.

    Thirdly, in my opinion, I don't think cold calling really helps. I have experimented. Calling helps when you have already established some communication over emails/messages. Otherwise, people end up telling they are busy or won't pick your call looking at the caller ID. Hence, the probability of scheduling a face to face meeting with them is close to 0.

    Fourthly, Brand awareness also helps. Just imagine you are trying to buy a product and the brand/company doesn't have anything to share on the web about what their product is, what the hell does the company do, etc, etc. It will look like a blank wall but promising to paint it well once you pay. No, I would rather want to see samples of their paintings on the wall and then pay them for doing one for me.

    I think it will all fall in place if you automate your bulk emailing process. It will save you from your email going to the spam and use that time to build your social media awareness in the form of:
    - short videos on insta, fb
    - posts about what is different in your product (USP)
    - you can also do a podcast for your company so that you can share your perspectives etc etc

    The list of suggestions is long once we look at a product deeply. Let me know if you need further assistance.

    Hope it helps.
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    It will at some extent as indeed regarded as the best sought able service when it comes to marketing strategies. But, one should have to choose the template so the services/products wisely as per the customer reach so the area to be a target.

    Even, a helping hand from an agency will let you achieve what you are looking for & this is where we can help you...
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