How to know the email provider for custom email domain?

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I would like to ask if there is any way to identify the email provider like (office365 or G suite)
for custom email domain?

I have tried mx lookup services on the web, but they give me only the hostname of the email.

For example, let's assume:

1- we have two email domains

2- Both of them are connected to outlook.

3- However, one of them is using the free outlook
and the other is using outlook for office 365

The problem is when I check the email provider for both emails, it give me the same
email service provider for both emails which is "Microsoft Office".

It didn't show if the email is using office 365 or free outlook.

The same is happening with G suite.

When custom email domain is using Gmail, I can't know if it is using the Free gmail or gmail for G suite.

Hope I find some help from the fellow warriors.

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