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Yeah, there are a couple of arguments about this, but I don't think there's no "best time" per se to send an email to your client. No one reads an email at 9PM at their lcoal time anyway.

Some of the practices I've heard is that they use the actual time zones of their customers to deliver at the right time for them. Of course this will need testing and other factors, but yeah taking into account the customer's time zone is one thing.

There are others who use AI to analyse data and customer email sending patterns, and then that AI will choose the most ideal time to send an email based on factors such as bounce rate, response rate, open rate, among others.

Chime in.
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    I'm convinced that mostly people checking their inbox in the morning, I tested it a couple of times and this timeline had the best results. So, the best practice for me is actually to send emails by 9 AM.
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    I would say test and.survey your audience to find out .For some people their list might be the most active after 5 pm but for you it might be a totally different time frame .Seems like you have a strategy and a handle on what you are doing .
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    I've played around with timings as well and found that 9am and 1pm Mon - Fri emails work pretty good!
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    There are many studies with different results depending on how
    you can prioritize your email sending time
    10 a.m.: Morning sends times are the most successful in usual. Several people believe that the best time to send emails is at or around 10 a.m. Another unusual time maybe around 11 a.m.
    8 p.m. It seems like emails generally gain more opens and clicks later in the evening than any other time. This is expected due to people checking their email before going to bed.
    6 a.m.: I assume this makes more sense since 50% of people begin their day using their phones in bed. Before you get out of bed, you likely to check your phone and perhaps your emails.
    Also, as you said, some people use AI software to analyze data and customer email sending patterns, and then that AI will choose the ideal time to send an email based on factors such as bounce rate, response rate, open rate, and open rate among others. For that view, You can use AI-driven email marketing software, like for eg Mail250 so that you can send your emails hassle-free without worrying about the open and click rates
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    Why not test with different hours and study the open rates for your emails from your autoresponder?
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    For sure this question need some testing as it depends on your targeting audience, for example if it's not working people or with fluent working hours, results can vary a lot
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      I agree with others saying that this depends on each email list, every list is different and everything needs testing.
      Even the same list can change due to major changes in people's life (like pandemics for one example).
      One important thing about the time they open the email is what they need to do after they click, do they need to watch a 50-minute VSL? Then probably 6 am (right when they wake up for work) is not the best time.
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    I've always felt that Tuesday's at 9am are great and Thursday's at 11am
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    I'm pretty sure that people, where ever they are, check their emails in the morning. So, it is best to send mails between 9-11 AM. Late morning send times are most popular, so the best time is 10 AM. You might be successful by sending emails later in the day by 2 PM.

    8 PM is also considered the best time because most people check their emails before going to bed. AS for the time zone, choose the one based on the majority of your audience. If you are in the US, Eastern Time (ET) as 50% of the population is in eastern time.
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    I've posted about this many times over the years and nothing has changed.

    Let me preface by saying I have sent billion of emails (US only) all around the clock for over 20 years

    As far as days go, Mon-Thurs has always been best. Fridays are the worst and weekends can vary.

    Mon-Thur (EST) as far as the overall highest volume of opens, clicks, conversions.

    8am-11 am is good
    From 11am -2pm is OK, but starts trickling off
    Between 2pm-5pm has a huge drop-off.
    From 5pm - 7pm starts to trickle up
    Then 7pm-11pm is usually good as well.
    Overnight is always slow
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    Best time are always in the day time of each targeted country (9 AM to 6 PM).

    Night time is not because you do not want irritate your user by disturbing him in the night hours until it is not a transaction email.

    Day time will always good for business communication, promotion emails and for Newsletters.

    Hope this info will be you.
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    The best times to send emails are always 3-6AM, so its top of inbox when people check it in the morning.
    After 11AM, 1-3 usually has some action, then everything drops off until 7-11PM.
    If you just think about your own work day if you ever worked in a corporate environment, its easy to see when people are checking their email. And if you have a wife/husband or kids, you know the busy times of your day as well, commuting home, kids, dinner, family time, etc.
    Hope this helps.
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    According to Moosend, it's usually Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays usually in the morning from 7am to 9am
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