6 email marketing mistakes that affect your stats

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Marketers have lots in their plate; social media, paid search, content marketing, and of course email marketing.

That being said, email marketing still remains one of the most effective and proven marketing channels for reaching out because it builds a direct relationship to your customers. But, just because it's effective doesn't mean the stats have good open, click, and conversion rates.

Here's why you might be doing wrong.
  • Neglecting mobile-friendliness
    It's already 2023, and everyone's glued to their phones. If your emails look wonky on mobile devices, you're asking for an "unsubscribe" party. Make those emails responsive so they're easy on the eyes, no matter the screen size.
  • Way too much content
    Listen, nobody has time for a novel in their inbox. If you're cramming too much text, images, and GIFs into your emails, you're gonna scare folks away. Keep it snappy, engaging, and to the point.
  • Boring subject lines
    Imagine this: your email is a blockbuster movie, and the subject line is the trailer. If your trailer sucks, nobody's buying tickets. Spice up those subject lines with curiosity, wit, or a dash of emoji magic to boost those open rates.
  • Ignoring segmentation
    Sending the same email to your entire list? Big no-no. Different people have different interests. Segment your list based on preferences, behavior, or demographics. You wouldn't recommend a burger joint to a vegan, right?
  • No CTA
    So, you've got them interested - now what? Your CTA should be the superstar of your email, not hiding in the shadows. Make it crystal clear, irresistible, and smack-dab in the spotlight.
  • Not testing at all
    You're not a mind reader, and neither is your email marketing strategy. A/B testing is your best bud for figuring out what clicks with your audience. Don't skip it - test those subject lines, visuals, and CTAs.
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    Interesting points. Regarding the issue of too much content, I would say that it depends a bit. In certain cases, if you have something important to say and have a good relationship with your subscribers, you can also report something in more detail as long as you have something meaningful to tell.

    However, I agree when it comes to superficial relationships with your list, it is better to keep it short and concise.
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