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I'm creating a newsletter and I need to achieve the following:

Embed a form on my site that captures email & name.
(Google reCaptcha would be great to eliminate bots)

Every person that submits their details, I'd like to also collect:
  • The country (by IP)
  • The traffic sources (from the utm tags in the URL)
  • The page on our site where their signed in
  • Browser & OS
These extra details will help me with future segmentation.

After submission, I will create an automation of a sequence of emails that will be delivered to every new user.

I'm looking into EmailOctopus (due to their good pricing and reviews)
But I still haven't found a Saas solution for collecting all the data I described above.

Can someone please recommend a solution?

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    There is no single SaaS solution that can cover all the data collection requirements you mentioned.

    You must build a custom solution by integrating multiple services and tools. You may need to hire a software programmer.
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    Agreed, I don't think there is anything out of the box that would do this.
    Some of the more advanced web form plugins will get most of it done, or you could just use a service like Unbounce to create a landing page and customize it to grab all the info your looking for.
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    Hello, to be able to capture Leads several plugins in WordPress do this very easily. One of them is aWeber, which allows you to create catchup pages, and you need an account to then host these contacts. There is also Mailchimp, which also has its own website to host contacts and lots of options for capturing your customers' information. You also have other plugins like LeadPages, FormCraft, or TrustPulse.
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