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What have you found to be the most productive CPS (cost per subscriber) platform for email list building?
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    Facebook traffic

    But with this tweak:

    Before running your FB traffic campaign, install the FB pixel on the FIRST PAGE of your email marketing funnel

    Let organic traffic flow through your funnel for at least 6 weeks

    After you have had enough traffic for FB ad 'training' - run a TRAFFIC CAMPAIGN on FB

    Here's the clincher: use the lookalike audience method with pixel traffic data. This is key!

    Experiment with differing ad creatives and drive to your page with the FB pixel

    If you do this right, you'll be able to get CHEAP FB traffic

    With that said, you still need to OPTIMIZE your funnel

    It would SUCK to drive all that traffic but your landing page won't convert them into list members
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    Thanks for such a detailed and helpful reply. I will try this!
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    Any source of leads can be turned into buyers. That job is a reflection of your marketing skills. I get most from Udimi but the fact is if you don't have that marketing mind set you wont succeed.


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    It is very difficult to say, but what i would say is give them a reason to join your list, and then they are in the funnel, but from that point i would always give value and treat them as a new friend i never focus on sales marketing being pushy but give them quality training, words are powerful, but i have always found video a very powerful tool people can hear and see what you are offering, i hope this helps you

    Lets build a online business by giving value and learning how to build a email list

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    Thanks for the info on using the FB pixel and lookalike audiences.

    Seems like a clever approach to get targeted traffic to your funnel.

    FB has potential if you configure it properly.
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    Another question would be 'what is the most expensive?'... meaning it would be worth more long haul. Will be interesting to hear responses.

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    All I know is, the PENIS ENLARGEMENT spammahs shoulda targitted the guy down the hall.

    They gaht a 2-4-wan deal gowin, mebbe they could also smack his wife in the tits for bein' intrinsickly lame in a ha ha metaphorical cuppassity.

    Anyways, lists are mostly when ships once sailed are kinda leanin' ovah in the watah all proto-terminally.

    Here's where the GUYS IN SPORTSY GROINWEAR leap in, danglin' their RESCUE EXPERTISE from offa their actionable mirage like you would PANT ovah an' ovah to equip your wake up alarm with evin 3% of their spunksy facility.

    List, sail -- or cruise?

    All depends 'pon the protooberance you rammin' down nowan's inboxo throat ...

    plus also, how intrinsickly tasty the jooce squirtnin' outta the end.

    Like Luke Skywalker said, "I'm so stressed out trying to swing this light saber thing I can't spare a second for wondering whether Boo Kaki is my next Jedi trainer or a coupon code for getting my schlong maxed out for free."

    Dontchya jus' HATE lists an' LOVE specifics?

    That is why the only emails you evah acted upon were those you figured mattahed.

    To hell with the rest.*

    * Which, actschlly, was kinda yr experience, ovah an' ovah -- less'n you wanna bothah tryin' to REMEMBAH 'em all ...

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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