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Advice sought from email veterans

I created large opt in lists of emails and SMS mobile phone numbers using polls/surveys I'd run on Facebook and native ad networks. I never monetize the lists and would rather just sell them in one large block.

Is there a place to offer this data-in-one-block with all of the demo I complied on the lists? I'm not a data broker or list provider so I do not know the industry requirements and I'd rather deal with individuals in marketing.

I can crate more opt-in emails lists I just don't have a plan to justify the acquisition cost.
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    In which niche are your lists?
    Are they fresh or aged data?

    I am interested and can help you!
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    how much are you selling it? and how many are they
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    Hi there, in which niches and verticals are you generating leads? Have you collected the leads by using any landing pages?
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    Hi There,
    For the mobile opt in numbers, I can help you to monetize them on a rev share model.
    If you can provide me with a lot more specific details about the data I would be happy to discuss putting this into our rotation and help you earn from it.
    We are always on the hunt for first party, owned and operated data sources.
    LeadsPlusData.Com | PM For Skype, Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp, And More....
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