How do I effectively build and nurture an email list for affiliate marketing purposes?

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Hi all! I'm eager to learn more about building and nurturing an email list specifically for affiliate marketing. What are some proven strategies for growing an engaged email subscriber base? And once you have subscribers, how do you effectively nurture those relationships while promoting affiliate products without coming off as too salesy
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    I would survey my list to get feed back and then use the feed back as a launch pad to deliver solutions and products that they want and need .

    The feed back thet give you is basically data,. Find out about their income levels and occupations so that you can structure your prices and,services correctly .

    It safe to say that you would be filtering them out and vetting them to see who is an ideal client as well.
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    Study the concept of 'pre-selling' should leave the hard selling to the product owners.

    designing $100 landing pages, and talking business philosophy...

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    well i dont know to much about email marketing as i am a beginner also
    I build my list by using the content strategy in my niche and for this i create useful content on youtube ,blog ,forums ,social media like facebook ,twitter,tiktok etc .and in my content i have a landing page where i colect emails ,i put in my bio in social media etc

    Now regarding email list you also need to build a relationship in here
    many people believe that they just need to build email list and send promotional emails each day ,thats totaly wrong
    You need to build a relationship with your list to treat them like real people ,you need to send them emails that help them and bring them value and from time to time to send a promotional email

    For example you can make more with a list of 500 people who like you and trust you than with 10k list where you only spam to them
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    I've been doing email marketing for over 20 years. My number one Rule is... Everything I do online must in some way build my list.

    Affiliate's Biggest Mistake

    Let's take a look at the reason why 98% of all affiliates fail. If you don't know you are making the affiliate's No. 1 mistake, how are you going to fix it?

    You and almost every seller of affiliate products are making the same mistake. When you promote a product from any affiliate program, who do you think is the one who really profits?

    Your answer is most likely both you and the affiliate program owner profit. After all, you earn your commission and the affiliate program owner gets the remaining profit from the sale of the product. Both you and the affiliate program owner make money.

    This is not a bad arrangement except that you almost always lose your lead whether a sale is made or not. What this means is that you are forced to focus on a one-time sale and spend most of your time chasing new customers.

    Let's suppose you got a very good conversion rate of 7% on the product you advertised for the affiliate program. What happened to the other 93% of the visitors that went to the sales letter and didn't make a purchase? After all, you worked hard to get these potential customers to the sales letter, and you are just going to let 93% of these prospects leave without a purchase.

    In other words, 93% of your work was a waste of your time and effort. By simply promoting an affiliate program and allowing the affiliate program owner to build their list and business while you LOSE out on thousands of dollars in profits because you didn't maximize the benefits of your efforts.

    You need to create a landing page called a squeeze page giving away a report or software that will solve a problem in your niche. There is a form on the page the visitor fills out to receive the report or software free. You collect a new prospect subscriber on your list and you send the new subscriber and email with a download link to their free gift.

    You put your affiliate link in the redirect of the form on the squeeze page. Instead of sending people directly to the affiliate product with your affiliate link, you send them to your squeeze page. They sign up to get the free gift and are automatically sent to the affiliate product with your affiliate link.

    To get people to start to Trust, Like and Know You, they say you need 7 contacts with this new subscriber. So, I would create a 7-day ecourse that would contain more information about your niche and put that ecourse as a follow up series of emails. In this ecourse you create can have ads for other products in your niche. Naturally the link to these products will be your affiliate links. So, after they receive the free gift, the 7-day ecourse would start the next day receiving a part of the ecourse each day for 7 days.

    I hope this answers your question.
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    Hi, use different platforms to get traffic - YouTube, blogs and social media. It's also now possible to set up bots, such as on Instagram, that will collect email addresses. Maybe you have already seen such "Write us in direct - get this". It's also important to remember to personalize your communication and segment your list by interest to better tailor your messages. Also consider adding visual elements, for example you can insert gif outlook to make your emails more visually engaging.
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