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    What PPC examples inspire you to be a better advertiser?

    MartyLabrado in PPC/SEM

    Every now and then we come across something that makes us say, "Damn... That's amazing." What are some examples of great PPC campaigns that you've come across? I'd like to ... [read more]

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    Best CPA networks for an advertiser?

    Info-seeker in Ad Networks

    I have a testosterone product for men that that I want to promote. It's currently on with Clickbank but I want to join some good CPA Networks. Can anyone suggest ... [read more]

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    What is SQL? Is SQL essential to become an online advertiser?

    Sushil Cn in PPC/SEM

    Please Suggest. I want to become an online advertiser. SQL is compulsory to be an Online advertiser, I mean to create and manage advertise on Adwords ?

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    Best course for a newbie Facebook advertiser?

    kevindawson in Ad Networks

    Hey Warriors, I consider myself a complete newb when it comes to advertising on Facebook. Can someone point me to the best course? Thanks so much! Kevin Dawson

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    What affilite website or toll have you used as a advertiser?

    rajbtw in Internet Marketing

    I am planning to start an affiliate program for my online services and looking for tools or services that can help me to setup and monitor entire program. As an ... [read more]

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    Advertiser doesn't allow affiliate marketing in CA - What the heck?

    squeebo in Internet Marketing

    An advertiser in my niche has disallowed affiliates from all states shown here in orange, citing their click through nexus sales tax policy. http://www.cj.com/about-cj/click-through-nexus-tax I'm in CA. The advertiser is ... [read more]

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    MaxBounty, Clickbooth, PeerFly etc as the advertiser?

    ctpalmer2 in Ad Networks

    Does anyone have experience with doing CPA on the advertiser side? What is expected to supply the CPA with a deposit, if so how much on average? Have you experienced ... [read more]

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    CPA marketing: Negatives of marketer's pre-sell page between an ad and advertiser's page

    rizabbasi in Ad Networks

    Hi, I have couple of questions related to CPA marketing: a) What are the negatives for placing your landing page/squeeze page/advertorial/pre-sell (whatever that's termed) between an advertisement and an advertiser's ... [read more]

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    CJ steady decline - (Advertiser Perspective) - Confused about affiliate marketing!

    simonmc in Ad Networks

    I've been with CJ as an advertiser for many years. I have been noticing a steady decline in orders which is of course not great for business. Affiliate sales are ... [read more]

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    Wanted: Advertiser / Virtual Assistant who can get me customers for my website

    Beerkie in

    I have an Online Dating Site and I'm looking for someone who can get me paid members - sign ups- every month, ongoing. You can use your list or PPC ... [read more]