Where would you hire a project manager from?

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Recently I did an analysis of where it would be best to put some extra funds I have away for investment. Between the financial markets, real estate, and a few other options, the obvious choice was right back into my business. Only catch is that the new project has to be passively managed so as not to take up too much of my main focus.

To that end I am weighing hiring a project manager. I've mostly hired filipinos for very specific tasks in the past, and compared to say indians I have found them to be quite pleasant to work with, very respectful, honest and appreciative.

Eastern Europeans seem to have more technical talent.

Managers and especially project managers, I'm not sure about. Do you guys have any recommendations from cost effective parts of the world?

I will default to the philippines if given no extra suggestions elsewhere. But I'll also expect to do a bit more hand holding due to their soft temperament and dependent nature.
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    Though I never had the need to hire a project manager before, I usually default to Filipino VAs as well for other jobs, and for all the same reasons that you do.

    I do agree somewhat with your sentiment on their attitude. I've been through workers who need some hand holding before they can stand on their own two feet, figuratively speaking. But I've met some filipinos on onlinejobs.ph and easyoutsource who learned fast and never really asked much of me. Perhaps you can find a good project manager there.

    Malaysia also comes to mind if I'm thinking of affordable countries, though I don't have much experience with Malaysians to accurately gauge their temperament.
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    American PM's may not be cheap, but in my experience nothing compares to someone who can not only manage themselves, but can hold others hands and manage every aspect with real goals and strategies beyond getting in the hours.
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    I would recommended finding workers at Onlinejobs. And yes, the workers on this site are all Filipinos.
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    LinkedIn will be quite effective.

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    I wouldn't trust anyone not in my local area.
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    Those who left their jobs in big corporations and became the freelancers are the best.
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