Few questions about Empower Network

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I'm looking for information about what's inside and how it all really works.

I'm more interested in the blogging platform and how that works.

- Are the niches who use Empower Network only Home business/make money niche? Or do doctors, wood workers, artists use the platform as well? Could you provide examples of their websites.

- Does the platform have a syndication network similar to TribePro. You create content and folks share it within the network to create "link juice" and authority?

- Where can I see the inner workings of how it all works when creating content?

- Do people in the millionaire status use the blogging system? I know many of the smaller people do but do they?

- What else is there besides the blogging platform?

- Do any professionals use the blogging system. When ever I visited a site, it always had that spammy "make money doing nothing" feel. Can you promote it without having to have that feel to your website?

- How much is Empower Network per month?

Thank you.
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