Instagram set to hide like counts for US users

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An article on Social Media Today reports that Instagram will begin hiding total like counts for US users beginning next week.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri announced at the WIRED25 Conference in San Francisco that the platform will extend its test of hiding like counts and added:

"Not the whole US at once, but just some of you. Are you into this idea? Yeah?"

Hiding like counts on the platform generated debates about whether it would impact user engagement, influencer marketing, and platform health.

Instagram initially launched the feature in Canada back in May, before adding more countries in July and while the test has been going on for months now, Instagram still has no conclusive data as to hiding likes had a profound effect on platform usage.

I personally think hiding likes is Instagram's way for people to stop competing about who gets the most number of likes because it just doesn't reflect the way a person is just because they either have zero or 5 million likes.

What about you? Do you think this will affect how influencers measure their "influence" based on user likes?
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