Millennials and Gen Z more likely to follow authentic influencers - study

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A survey from market researcher Cassandra found that millennials and Gen Z consumers are more likely to follow influencers they consider most authentic and reliable.

89% of these consumers said it's important for the influencer to be a "nice person", while 86% prefer influencers who don't hard-sell.

And of course, millennials and Gen Z follow fashion and lifestyle influencers, with further breakdown as follows:
  • 80% - beauty and grooming
  • 74% - fashion and style
  • 71% - meditation and mindfulness
  • 68% - books and literature
  • 68% - interior design
  • 66% - health and wellness

This means that younger consumers prefer influencers whom they can trust for good advice. That is important, particularly in a social media ecosystem that's flooded with questionable content and misleading information.

Chime in.
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    Another flawed study. They sampled progressives - "These Trendsetter respondents were selected based on their answers to a series of questions that gauged their degree of progressive and experimental thinking and behaviors surrounding the latest trends and culture." But present it as gen pop. Plus they left out about 5 years worth of millennials - 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, and 1985. So who can we trust for good data?

    The title of the study should be something like -- what progressives under 35 blah blah blah
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    So you are saying that these are the top things millennials are interested in... above making money? Do they already know how to do that? Is meditation and mindfulness more important?

    I would question where these stats came from, but it is interesting.
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  • I fall into the generation that was researched in the study and I have to say I don't follow any influencers and am not that active on social, particularly because of all the junk that's around. I prefer to go straight to the source for my info if possible.
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