Facebook launches Messenger Rooms

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Facebook is introducing a new feature to Messenger, and it's called Rooms and supports up to 50 participants. However, unlike any other chat rooms, Messenger Rooms is spontaneous. In an announcement, Facebook said, "spending time with each other should be spontaneous, not strained."

Facebook adds:

"Host celebrations, gather a book club or just hang out on the couch with friends.

You don't need to call someone and hope it's a good time or check everyone's calendar first."
And spontaneous it is, as Rooms can be created without users having to call others directly. Its casual nature allows anyone to simply create a room and share a link to whoever they want to. That simple.
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    I am confused as the pharma advertising listed under restricted content under Facebook Ad policy but under Facebook case studies, there are many case studies for phrarma companies and products.

    Also, they have not mentioned any country specific details like for these countries you can advertise for pharma like Google Ads only listed countries are allowed to advertise for pharma
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    Thanks for the info
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    Facebook is hoping we are in this Pandemic for a long time
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      You are right, Absolutely right. Thanks a lot for your sharing your valuable thing.
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  • Very interesting!

    I'm not big on FB but I can already picture how the smart marketers are going to use this.

    Thanks for sharing!
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