The evolution of advertising over the past 40 years

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We all know how advertising has evolved. Back then, TV was the dominant medium, with print media joining the fray. Soon, digital media gained pace with pop-up ads during the heyday of Internet Explorer, then mobile ads, then social media sponsored listings, to name a few.

This infographic puts everything into perspective, highlighting the shifts in marketing and advertising since 1980.

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    In previous decades television and radio were the major source for advertisement, but as the digital revolution has accelerated, more brands are focusing on advertising through internet which is a cost effective way to reach large group of masses.
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    interesting to note as well that TV advertising hasn't declined much in nominal terms despite massive usage declines. imo inertia + it's genuine brand-building power the main reasons for that.

    Also had to share this here (others may have seen) ... the first ever (?) car ad in a newspaper. Published in 1898 - and featuring some benefits-driven copy!

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    This is work with last Dec update?
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