6 Copywriting Mistakes That Weaken Your Messaging

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Copywriting is a tough skill to master. And despite spending countless hours trying to perfect your message to get your point across, you only get one shot at a good first impression.

No one's coming back later to be convinced the second time around, nor will your audience ask to clarify what you meant by that vague content you published.

Here are 6 copywriting mistakes to avoid to help enhance your messaging, and ultimately increase landing page conversions.

<p><h2><b>Too much word soup</p></h2></b>
Using excessive jargon, buzzwords, and industry lingo will repel the audience from your page.

And while we live in a world where almost everyone's on social media, well to put it bluntly, not everyone will have the time to read unnecessarily complex language.

Whoever your audience is, make sure your language is friendly for everyone.

<p><h2><b>Using idioms, colloquialisms, and other obscure languages</p></h2></b>
Just like using too much jargon is a bane, so is use of idioms and colloquial terms in your content.

Don't expect your readers to follow along with idioms and slang, especially if you're expecting a lot of non-native English speakers.

Furthermore, colloquialisms just don't sound professional in business copywriting.

<p><h2><b>Wrong perspective</p></h2></b>
Great copywriting starts with two fundamentals -- what the writer wants to say, and what the reader wants to hear. You need to know what you're writing about, as well know what the reader wants to know.

You're completely missing the mark if what you want to say isn't balanced with a dose of what your readers want to know.

<p><h2><b>A laundry list of benefits</p></h2></b>
It's important that you write the benefits of your product or service, but don't make it sound like you're writing a brochure. It doesn't work that way.
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