Three ways to get more push notification subscribers and clicks

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Bringing users back for breaking news, sales, or an update after a while can help build trust and get more conversions.

But, the first hurdle is getting users to agree to push notifications.

Let's learn what push notifications are and then go through some examples of an effective push notification strategy.

Step 1: Delay

Don't send push notification requests right away. If your push notification request pops up immediately upon landing, it interrupts the user's search for needed content. That's why they might end up pressing, "No thanks."

Instead, try giving your visitors some breathing room. Let your visitors see that your content is worth subscribing to. Add a delay before you ask for permission to send notifications. This way, you build more meaningful communication with your visitors. Let a user get to know you a little bit before you rush news into their notification center.

Step 2: Customise your push notification requests

Regular push notifications typically say something like "[yoursite] wants to send you alerts" followed by a choice to allow or deny permission. If we put ourselves in the visitor's shoes, they don't have a good reason to say yes. Your visitors need a reason why your content is worth a subscription. They will be more likely to subscribe if your offer and their needs coincide.

People usually visit websites with a topic or question in mind. The best course of action is to prove that you have something they are looking for. If they see that they can easily get more content related to their search, they're more likely to sign up!

Add an elevator pitch or an offer to your request to let a user know what exactly they get out of your push notifications. You can customize the text, call-to-action buttons, and even add images.

Step 3: Send custom push notifications to keep people engaged

Provide relevant and catchy customized push notifications to keep your content visible and clickable. Your push notifications should provide customized experiences that reflect subscribers' interests and needs.

If you've followed step two of this strategy, you should be all set. At this point, you've asked your visitors to indicate their preferred content in the opt-in request, so those cat lovers will be ready to click on push notifications filled with some great cat memes.
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