One of the hardest parts when starting a business is thinking of the perfect name for it. Brainstorming for it can be a huge arduous task, especially when you’re on your own with no team to help you with possible suggestions. Starting a business and thinking of a name isn’t even the end of it, you’re bound to need more names for products or blogs or events. With no team, you really would need to hire a consultant, that isn’t cheap! If you’re establishing your startup, then most often you wouldn’t have the budget for it.

Here’s your saving grace. It’s not perfect, but it’ll help and cut down brainstorming time! Here’s a list of naming tools and tips that will help you tremendously. They provide suggestions, options and even tell you the name you’ve thought up is available, if not, well they give you tons of other alternatives or versions of the name you thought up. All you need is an idea or a keyword and from there you’re bound to find the perfect name for your startup.


NameRobot provides a long list of suggestions once you’ve inputted your keywords for your product or company name and gives you a whole lot of suggestions of names, this tool will also show if that name is taken or not. You won’t need to feel the frustration of thinking you have the perfect and brilliant name, only to find out it’s taken.


Upon visiting the website, it doesn’t really look like there’s much to do. You’ll just see an input box with specific instructions for placing in a word or two, hitting enter will generate tons of suggestions based on the word you’ve placed. That’s how quick finding name suggestions for your website or business is with Naminum. It’ll give you tons of suggestions, adding prefixes or suffixes or changing some consonants or vowels to make it different. Once you’ve picked out the one you link, clicking it will show if the name you want is already taken as a domain. Quick and easy!


If you’re willing to cash out for your company name (because it’s gotta be the best of the best), then you should head over to BrandBucket. They have a curated list of .com names that are hand-selected on quality and overall brand potential, plus you get a logo to go with it as well. Of course, this isn’t cheap. These brand names can reach up to $5,000, but it’s definitely a huge convenience.


The internet world is vast and even if you score yourself a great domain, what if that name is taken all across social media? That would be a huge disadvantage, especially with the role of social media now with regards to marketing and spreading your brand out. Before you buy that domain name, why not give it a run on Namechk. This tool checks if that name you plan on using is available throughout a huge majority of social media networks that are used often. It’s a great way to plan ahead.

Rewind & Capture

Is it your first time ever with creating our own company or business? Is it your first time naming something as big as a business? If it is, then you should head right over to Rewind & Capture. Founded by Adam Lang, he’s willing to help and teach you the importance of branding and naming your startup or business. With the help of tools and standards he has created, by the end of it all, you’ll be thinking like a namer and produce amazing results.


Marketing.Club owns over 400 premium domain names that range from a price of $1888 to $10000. They provide a variety of names fit for businesses or startups. Their domain library contains the following: .com, .ai, .net, .shop & .club and belong in categories such as 4-letters, 5-letters, Robot Domains, Weed Domains and Keyword Domains. If you have a huge budget and is willing to spend to pitch for a domain, this is the best place to get your own premium domain.


Don’t let this cute web interface fool you, Panabee is another great site that can help with your brainstorming. Use Panabee to search for domain names, app names, and company names. Or you can use it to buy some online address that’s associated with your name, they even provide a wide variety of suggestions and include a heart if the domain is available and a broken heart if it’s already taken.

How to Name Your Startup

Do you want some motivation? Inspiration? Tips and pointers on how to name your startup? Well here’s a great video for you watch! Jason Calacanis of TWIST gives you great insight on the importance of name and branding for your business. So take down notes and make sure you apply what he teaches, you never know what kind of results you’ll get afterward.