Directory submissions - why?

by Sirius Lin 5 replies
I see a lot of offers for manual directory submissions for one's websites. Undoubtedly you'll receive some backlinks and boost your rankings, but does anyone have any proof that this has BENEFITED them in terms of number of unique visitors, sales, etc? If you have used such a service before, was it for your blog, your salespage, or...?

Would love to hear from you guys on this!

~ Sirius
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    I do it for the back links and I see my site move up to page 1 og google.

    I buy the directory submissions for my main site and add them myself little by little for my blogs.
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    I got a lot of traffic once my website was added to DMOZ. Other than that, don't know. Any backlink from a high PR site is a good thing, though. Some people don't believe that directories are really counted with any weight as far as Google is concerned. Despite that attitude, you should diversify your link portfolio.

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      You can check here:

      Then, check the sales page, there are about 80 testimonials from customers over time. Many of the testimonials are from warriors. So, I guess it works,

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        It works but his should be just one way of building links out of a handful. I have ton of sites on first page of google and this is just part of the formula directory submissions.

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          Now, I am a little biased since I promote a directory script, but I will tell you that we submit to directories (new ones usually) every week, because it helps us. Here are a few reasons:
          1. Gets a new site indexed
          2. Gets a new section of a site indexed
          3. Improves the search results for a key phrase
          4. Allows for optimization of multiple key phrases (submit different titles)
          5. Over time, as the number of places the site is listed increases, there is traffic that results. Some sites may provide little or no traffic, but when you are listed in many places, it does provide traffic.
          6. Many directories allow internal links or "deep links" so this can be a way to get links apart from just the home page.
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