Do document sites still drive traffic?

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Prior to the penguin slap, I knew document sites drove traffic. Its been long since i used them. Do they still drive traffic?
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    Yes they do. Often, if the document has an image, they rank highly for image searches too.
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    Nothing like they used to, at all, in my experience which covers a very wide range of niches).

    At one time I used to get some traffic from them (albeit never as much as some others claimed they did).

    It gradually tapered off, a few years ago. I don't bother with them any more, now: to me, it doesn't seem worth the effort any more.

    I'm always surprised when I see people still recommending them, here. (I strongly suspect that those are people whose "information" comes from out-of-date WSO's and guidebooks, rather than from any real experience.)

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    slideshare seems to be the best and the only one I use anymore. It still has plenty of people using the site and it's still driving traffic, even today.
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    yes they do ..there are many doc share site ..but most of then are good and really drive traffic this good source to get traffic
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    There are better places for traffic.

    Having said that: if you're familiar with the latest techniques and systems (most of which began to be talked about around June / July of 2014) you can do extremely well for buying keywords; though I'd recommend outsourcing the process due to the time consuming nature. Overall, though: I'm not a fan. Like every place where you publish your own content onto a platform that you don't own, it's too easy to get the rug pulled out from under your feet.

    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    Many thanks for your responses. I will still appreciate some more.
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    Document site submissions used to be a tasty addition to link building/traffic generation though not so much any more in my experience. Dropped off a lot to almost zero. Effort seems better spent in other areas.
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    I've been on Slideshare and Scribd and Docstoc for the longest....

    ...they aren't producing anything for me. With Slideshare, initially i was amazed. The amount of *views* that i was getting from them for a brand new presentation would trump my Youtube videos views. So i stopped Youtube altogether and did Slideshare only.

    Yeah the numbers looked good in terms of views.. may 200-500 per day to 1 slide.... but 0-1 leads per day into my autoresponder. Maybe you'll have luck with them. I dont use them anymore. I'm streamlining my business now.
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