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Dear Warriors,

One of the biggest frustrations that people have when it comes to driving website traffic is the fact that you can get tons of people to your site and find out that none of them buy!

This can be very discouraging and if it happens long enough you will end up going out of business. That is why I want to show you exactly how to fix this problem so you can make more money.

The Top 2 Reasons People Don't Buy From You:

If you're getting traffic to your site but no one is buying your stuff, there are a mostly 2 reasons that this could be taking place.

Reason #1

Your traffic source quality is not very good. You have to understand that the quality of traffic you're getting to your site can greatly vary and you need to make sure you are using the right sources to get you the best quality.

For example - If you are buying visitors from AdWords, the terms you use can actually determine your levels of success. If you are in the "dog training" market and bid on the term "dog", your going to have a lot of traffic and very few sales.

The reason is that the keyword you are bidding on is too unqualified. But if you bid on the term "weight loss for players", you're going to get less traffic but a lot better conversions because the term is more qualified. Much better would be a keyword like "weight loss for pregnant women".

So don't always worry about the volume of visitors you are getting, be more concerned about the quality.

Reason #2

Your offer does not match what they are looking for. This can be a big problem as well if you don't watch out. You have to make sure you are trying to sell your visitors products and services that they actually want.

Don't make the mistake of selling them stuff you think they want - figure out what the markets biggest desire is and tailor your offer around that.

If you can overcome these to obstacles for getting people to buy, you'll be able to go out and get more visitors with the new profit that you are making

To your success,
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