Basic knowledge of Designing, programming, Content writing, affiliate marketing but confused

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Hey warriors,

I have been lurking around various forums like this one, Digital Point and Blackhatworld for almost around three years.

I have got the knowledge of various things, tried my luck on freelance website like rentacoder, Elance and Scriptlance. Its not the case i have not earned anything, but the truth is that i have not worked for more than three months in total. Remember, these three months were not consecutive. I have earned more than 2500 USD in freelancing and selling few scripts as well.

The skills i have accumulated are following:
1. Basic programming skills in HTML, PHP
2. Adobe photoshop skills.
3. Selling Content writing service.
4. Read a lot about SEO but not successful.
5. Wordpress theme designing.

My problem is that i have got an awesome job in public sector that has nothing to do with these skills and IM world. But i want to pursue IM career as well as part time business as i really know the potential of this path.

I have little money to invest as well.
But i am stuck about the start. What should I really do???
Please advise me as i belief a good advise can save you from lot of trouble.

I know all those who are successful in this thing will be repelled by these threads, but i need help

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    So what exactly are you wanting to do?

    If I were you, I would continue freelancing and using different lead generation techniques to bring in additional leads. Treat it like a business and you'll be replacing your public sector income in no time. The sites you're on for freelancing are likely not as valuable as it would be to find potential clients that you're not competing for. A $300 website through freelancer, or another platform could certainly be sold for $1,500+.

    If you're wanting something that doesn't consist of too much work and interaction, then maybe you should start selling themes? If you're good at coding and design, I don't see why you shouldn't get involved with that even if you continue freelancing.
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