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I've tried their forum and not getting any help and their support takes hours to answer and I'm in a pinch so I thought I'd try hear.

Got a publishing problem. Here is what I put on the publishing details page and I'm getting "index/page1" with a parent directory folder after I publish and try to view.

domain name: mysite.com/dogpage
home directory: blank

ftp server: ftp.mysite.com
ftp directory: /public_html/dogpage

If someone can show me what I need to do to publish this page to my site with XSP2 so that it will show up that's all I need to know. Or what do i need to do to take the files from xsp2 and upload using my ftp


is the page I want to publish

what should the publishing details page say on it....just need to know:

domain name
home directory

ftp server
ftp directory

I have other pages that I already published to www.mysite.com using xsitepro2 like:


I tried to follow the publishing layout from those pages but it doesn't seem to work.....very frustrated
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    Try this:

    domain name: mysite.com
    home directory: dogpage

    ftp server: ftp.mysite.com
    ftp directory: www/dogbeds


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