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Ok, so I have full knowledge of SEO, Email Marketing, web design, as well as PPC. The hardest thing for me right now is trying to figure out what industry I should get into to start making money! Im not looking for a mentor, but more of a person I can ask questions here and there. More then happy to help anyway I can on my end as well.

I own several pretty decent Medical domains like "travelnurseprograms.com" for example just really need to be pointed in the right direction.

All and any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Hey Dan,

    Money is in the list pal...

    With those skills you could set up a free product to give away on a squeeze page, drive traffic to it with SEO and PPC and start email marketing to them. Its not a 24 Hour turn around but in the long run you will be thanking me

    If you need help I offer a coaching service, Don;t hesitate to hit me up for some tips.

    - Aiden
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    Ohforgoodnesssake. Please. With the list marketing? It's driving me bonkers!

    The money... is in the traffic.


    1. Learn first how to setup and monetize one of your sites.
    2. Learn how to grow free traffic platforms.
    3. Learn how to send traffic.
    4. Learn viral marketing.
    5. If applicable to your market, learn offline marketing.
    6. And, just to make many people happy, learn list building, operating, marketing.

    Those are good for starters, buddy.


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      Originally Posted by Get Rich Methods View Post

      Ohforgoodnesssake. Please. With the list marketing? It's driving me bonkers!
      You can say that again...
      But then that's all they hear day in and day out, can't blame the newbs. They are only repeating what they see and hear....
      Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

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    Money is the least common denominator of wealth so, i'ts not about what industry to choose to make money, it's more about what niche (industry) to choose to start giving value in...

    If you have full knowledge of the things you mentioned above then, it'll probably be in your best interest to start creating some content that gives people value in those niches through blog posts. Pick an affiliate product as "pregyrick" mentioned above, create a lead magnet that prospects have to opt in for, go to Facebook and run some advertisements to your blog (super cheap), put a custom audience pixel on your site for re targeting. I'd create at least 7 good posts and at the bottom of each post you'd want to entice them to want even more information by clicking a link and this link will take them to an opt in page. In Facebook you want to retarget those who's been on your blog site but haven't been on your "thank you page" - the option will say... "People visiting specific web pages but not others". The reason you wan to do this is so that, these people have a chance to read your content and given the chance to consciously opt in.

    Sometimes, people click an advertisement and they are kind of bullied into opting in without really knowing or having a perception of rather or not that person has great content on the other side; that's why you get them to read your content first. They will be more engaged by the time they see your lead magnet, making them much more apt to check out your product. Keep in mind you're not selling anything, you're providing a solution, the selling happens in the buyers mind; only they can sell themselves on an idea. You job is to simply create a sense of clarity into why they should acquire that content that will make their lives better.

    I hope this has helped.

    "How To Get Clients Begging To Pay For Your Services... And Close More Deals FAST!" Get Clients Now

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    Go with your PASSION! Then you will never get bored and give up easily! Start building a list of leads and prospects by giving them FREE helpful information and advice to solve their problems to build credibility and trust! Once the good relationship is created, you can start selling to them your products or service :-)

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    Let me know what can you do... i can probably help.
    Web Design Leads Exclusive/Daily/100+ . Free Test. PM or Skype: premiumwebdesignleads
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      Your best bet is to ask specific, not vague, questions here at the forum. There are alot of different people with different talents that use different strategies. THe more specific you are with your questions, the better the responses will be


      A bar of iron cost $5. Made into horseshoes, it's worth $12. Made into needles, it's worth $3500. Made into balance springs for watches, it's worth $300,000. Your value is determined by what you are able to make of yourself

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    As suggested above, start a thread when you have questions and you will find many useful responses. Do Google searches for any technical help since this will help you find solutions in text and videos.
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    You can either, focus on what you are good at or research on products with a high demand online. What are you good at? Can you make money out of it? Think about how you can gain profits with it. Or, you can just do a research to see what products most people are buying online, and then sell the same products at a pretty much competitive cost.
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