What makes more money.. Youtube or a Blog?

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I guess you could argue on this question quite a bit, but my guess is that it just depends.

Though with a blog you get to have more ads. With Youtube your content is alot more unique content because the user is watching a video and not reading text.
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    It's Depend What skills you have , how much time you have

    As Affiliate marketer for me Website Generate more than youtube Channel I'm Sure !

    Good luck
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    A blog definitely, and it's no wonder the biggest YouTubers are putting up their own sites after getting popular and driving traffic to it.

    There are many blogs making way more than the big YouTubers with just 50,000/month in traffic.

    YouTubers need MILLIONS of views.
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    In my experience: both together.


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    I find that if you target product launches you get ranked on Google faster with you too and you can make money by promoting the launch products but it's more of a get in and get out strategy than anything. I'll blog can make you more money over time if you put the work and effort into it.

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    Unless your Blog is established you will not get that much natural traffic from search engines.
    I get much more success from Youtube videos, more persons prefer to watch a video
    rather than to read.
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    I'm currently making more from YouTube ads than from Adsense but I've been making daily videos and reviews and using them as backlinks and then adding them to my blog as well. It takes time but I figure if you make hundreds of YouTube videos and reviews it will eventually be a cash cow. The nice part is that YouTube is huge and gives people proof of what you are doing and builds trust with them as well. Also if you make a video of your earnings you have a better chance of getting people to be interested as well


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    If you are brand new I would say Youtube because YouTube has the targeted traffic and all you need to do is upload a video with keywords.

    As for a blog you will need to write content daily to get targeted visitors.

    I personally combine YouTube and a Blog to maximize my targeted audience driving more traffic back to my offer.
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      It depends on which one pulls in more higher quality traffic. A video can compliment a blog, and vice-versa. You can also include a link to your blog in a video's description.
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    Both blogging and YouTube are powerful ways to get traffic and promote offers, but I would say that YouTube has the potential to get you faster results.
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    I've not tried blogging that much, so +1 on YouTube.
    Just imagine if your video goes viral and people are sharing it as well in social media, I guess you can achieve your goals in just a week or month.
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    Youtube gives you more options to have results.
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      It is just case by case.

      It is like asking Donald Trump and Warren Buffet...which makes more money Real Estate or Securities ?

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    As per me Youtube will be the king for making money even though I owned few blogs.
    PR is not updated so we can't sell sponsored posts or rank in SERPS. Youtube is an easy method to drive traffic and money too.
    Ive had like $2 in last month without doing anything just with 8 videos.
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    This is like asking, what makes you fatter?

    Mac Donald or KFC...
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    Blog but what I like to do is make a youtube video about each new post and link back to the blog.
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    A qsn open to much needed qualifiers to really make an opinion.

    Are we starting from scratch? Or looking at certain markets? Qsn needs a rephrase maybe
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    Originally Posted by moowooshoe View Post

    I guess you could argue on this question quite a bit, but my guess is that it just depends.

    Though with a blog you get to have more ads. With Youtube your content is alot more unique content because the user is watching a video and not reading text.

    Here is a poll I made for this:

    Vote: What makes more money?
    You forgot about the option, Youtube + Blog together.
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    video blogging(blog + youtube ).. allow users to embed videos on their site, which will give more exposure to your brand.. great videos can easily go viral..
    E-mail: nirali@adattract.com
    Skype: nirali.adattract
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    I think both options can generate a nice income. And if you combine them, even better! However, it also depends on what your niche is and what you're offering your visitors, but I think the 2 can be put together no matter what.
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    It depends. If the blog is interesting with many unique articles - this will be profit blog. And the other side - when your video become "viral", you will earn a lot of money by your mil. of views.
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    my guess is that it just depends.
    But it's a good excuse to drop a link.
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    combine both intelligently, you need to have n numbers of youtube accounts and each with at-least 3 different videos with different keywords and description.
    you need to experiment actually, out of so many videos only few will hit more so you have to concentrate more on those, you can use youtube comment bot to comment your video and like them, this will help you out much more targeted traffic to your blog which in turn to your offer
    Best regards,
    DocketUpload-Earn Money Uploading Files
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    If you are newbie, neither.

    I ran test while back with bunch of different 100% free platforms, without sending any traffic, just seeing what services themselves would give me on 5 videos.

    YouTube got me 15,000 views and 17 cents.

    Daily Motion got me just over 3000 views and just under 6 dollars.

    So try Daily Motion.
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  • Both?

    I don't understand why you don't just have both, and promote your content on both..

    Turn articles into videos
    And videos into article
    And multiply your efforts

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    both are really good. .I personally prefer the blog .. but if you can work with both ... the result will be much better
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    If you do both at the same time for at least 6 months, you will know which one gets you better results. This will tell you on a personal level which is working best for you and which one you should just stop working on.

    If you do things right, you should see results with both.
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    Youtube will give you more traffic faster.

    A blog takes a very long time, over a year to see results.

    Are you willing to create a blog post each day?

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    >> Yes Get Instant Access <<

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      Originally Posted by Tyler Pratt View Post

      Youtube will give you more traffic faster.

      A blog takes a very long time, over a year to see results.

      Are you willing to create a blog post each day?

      Both can take a long time.

      You can create new videos on a daily basis and still not get any results.

      Best way is to look at what others are doing in terms of titles, keywords, etc and try to rank your video too.
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    My blog overall makes me more money, because I send a lot of targeted email traffic to it.

    If I never did that, then my YouTube videos would make more.
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    The answer is obviously - 'it depends on so many things.'

    I started a blog over a year ago to try and build up a list of people who would get to know, like and trust what I do. I always knew it was a long term project, and that reputations build slowly. Now a year later I can honestly say it works. I have a small but solid list of 1200, many of whom correspond with me regularly. I now have a sustainable business.

    Many of these engagements began on social media sites with me simply trying to find solutions to problems people were having with online marketing. I never assumed that money was going to flow easily and frequently as a result...

    I invited people back to my blog to read a relevant post - but even here I never tried to sell anything on the blog. Some of these visitors did see the free video offers in the sidebar, and opted in from the blog, later buying the low and mid-cost products which led on to subscriptions and back-end sales.

    If you pick a couple of traffic strategies (paid or unpaid or both), and focus on them every day for a month - you will see results. The problem for most people is they give up too soon! Which is fine as far as I am concerned.

    I'm sure you know already that 98% of people who start an online business don't make a single cent!

    I have to say it's the residual income I like best - the regular monthly earnings that happen automatically.

    So using a blog as a hub for your business is the strategy I chose. YouTube would work too if I focus on that and became very good at it. Maybe next year I'll concentrate on YT with the same amount of energy I did with the blog! Then you can come and read about how it worked...

    Hope that helps...
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    There's no reason to prefer one method over the other. They both work, it's a matter of what you are best at producing, and what your target audience likes to consume. If they like reading, blogging is more suitable. If they're more visual then You Tube. Generally speaking, older audiences prefer to read a blog than watch a video. But dig deeper and find out.

    In any event, you really should do both. You Tube videos should point back to your blog, from where you can promote products and services within the context of who you are, what your authority is, etc. Meanwhile, you should embed YT videos on your blog to make them more interesting and especially, to build trust with YOU. Video is great for that.

    If both things are a challenge to you at this time, then just pick one or the other and get really good at it. When you're comfortable, then add the other. You'll be on your way!
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    all depend which country are you staying..
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    Blog is easy to do, so anyone can do it while, video is not easy. So a few number of people can do it. if you do not know how to do it, you may need to hire a freelancer. the freelanccer will charge a handsome figure amount. While the blog expert will charge a small amount of money. Now the CHOICE IS YOURS. You have to choose which way you will walk. Thanks


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    Youtube: not necessary to update

    Blog: it could give you interest incoming perrsistent over time, and you could monetyze it in difrent ways

    Free Guide to Make Money Online [Now!]
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      I think website is best, if you still hard work.
      YouTube is easy but not bad.

      Hostgator is the world best hosting company. If you want to buy hostgator 1 cent hosting Package? Use Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon to save Dollar.

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    Most of my income comes from synchronizing both my YouTube videos and my Blog.

    Create a buzz with your videos and drive traffic back to your blog.

    I have had my blog for over a year now and it is just starting to gain the traffic I had hoped for.

    Be patient and test, tweak and analyze your results!
    Powerful Blogging & SEO related content published weekly...Follow the journey here: EvanHoeflichMarketing.com
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    If you use YouTube the right way, it can be a very successful source of income.
    Video making can be hard though, but I use the right tools to make it a fun proces.
    But what do I do on youtube? well simple, create videos for local companies and cash up to $150 per video. I hear you thinking "cool, i'm gonna do that too!". But you have to know, that it requires to right skill. I'll be happy to learn it to a few people who are eager to learn
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