Can I start a web project with 500$ ?

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Can I start a web project with 500$ ?

A lot of people ask the same thing, I searched, but I didn't find the right answer... So I ask the experts here
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    What Kind of project?
    You can start anything if you have 10 skilled people willing to work for you and follow you for free...
    What other resources do you have and what are you trying to create?

    When you say project, that's a very BROAD term.
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    Of course you can.

    Get creative enough, and you can start a project for no money.

    The better question is are you willing to take risks, educate yourself and actually do something? Or are you going to keep asking silly questions until someone hands you the "perfect $500 plan to make money"

    Hint: it doesn't exist.

    If you actually searched and spent any time at all reading similar threads, you got your answer (over and over).

    The problem is, it is not the answer anybody ever wants to hear.
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    You can buy 5 domain names and hosting for them. If you have low competition keywords, depending on the niche and incoming traffic, you could start earning 5 figures in 12 months.

    I guess that this is what you wanted to hear? It's not that easy. $500 is good money to start, but you need to spend it veeeeeeeeeeery wisely. Domain name and hosting are always a must. Spend some of those money on content writing. Let's say $200 goes to that. Set up your website and have at least 10-20 blog posts.

    Of course, you will need to monetize. Whatever you choose, build a list. aWeber and MailChimp are good platforms to check out for building a list. I suggest affiliate marketing. It will bring you a lot of money. But if you want something that is converting highly - Amazon.

    So you have another $200, considering that domain and hosting are $100. With those $200, create a Facebook page and create 2-3 ads that will lead to your page. Why not one ad, but 2-3 instead? Spending all your money on one ad is going to prove nothing. It's better to test in the early stages. Have a few DIFFERENT ads so you have an idea of what converts best for your niche.

    By now you have spent all your money. Of course this doesn't happen in one day. I think that a fortnight is a realistic time range for this. So you have your website up with the content, while you produce new content. You have a lot of people coming to your fan page and liking it. You need to convert those people to visitors to your site. Start sharing images with links and links to your posts. Track the ads' performance and keep reference for future use.

    This is by far not the only nor the best way to spend $500 on a project. But this is what I would most probably do. Are there better and easier ways? Sure. Will you have to work? A lot. Be a bit more specific and I'm sure that people will give you valuable answers.
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      Thanks for your advices.

      I read some e-books about affiliate marketing, Fiverr, SEO, CPA, PBN ...
      I can create a wordpress website or a squeeze page easily.

      I think CPA and affiliate marketing is not for beginner, because you need to invest in traffic first (targeted and quality traffic), use tracking tools... and CPA companies don't accept beginner.

      My goal now is to generate about 15$-20$ per day, so I think about adsense, affiliate, or something like that.

      Traffic, I can work on SEO, and social media by creating a page(s), and creation 2 or 3 ads as NoMoreWords said.

      Now you have an experience, if you ask yourself : "if I have the opportunity to start over, what I 'm going to choose to invest 500$ ?
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    I'm going to state the obvious: it depends on the web project.


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    Originally Posted by rachid15 View Post

    Can I start a web project with 500$ ?
    I'm going to stick my neck out here and say that anyone who is at a stage of development where they ask that kind of question probably cannot.

    ..or should not try.

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    Originally Posted by rachid15 View Post


    Can I start a web project with 500$ ?

    A lot of people ask the same thing, I searched, but I didn't find the right answer... So I ask the experts here
    You can start in just about any business model with that kind of money. Here are some models you can choose from. Niche blogging: making money with blogs and affiliate marketing (the most common), having your own Private Label Rights content store: content written in packs that someone can buy and modify to put on their blog - someone who has a blog on golf might go to Google and look for "golf plr" instead of writing it themseleves. You could also become a ghostwriter: do some research and write content for other marketers or make money on Kindle and so on.

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    In all honesty that amount probably isn't needed to get started. Hosting is around $10/month and 2 domain names, lets say $30.

    Instead of sitting on this forum or asking questions, start doing. Go get hosting and a domain name and start blogging or creating that niche site. It might flop, but you will learn from that. Keep pushing forward!
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    Originally Posted by rachid15 View Post


    Can I start a web project with 500$ ?

    A lot of people ask the same thing, I searched, but I didn't find the right answer... So I ask the experts here
    I started my first blog with $10 for the domain and $80 for a year of hosting. The first blog turned into a full time income a year later with no extra cost. All organic traffic.
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    You need to figure out what niche you want to focus on. As others have said the startup costs for your online presence is minimal. $10/year domain name and $60-$90/year hosting. Focus on creating content, a product or a providing a service. Use your left over money to promote.
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    Sure you can.... $500 is enough.... Web is awesome media to start business at low budget....
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    Originally Posted by rachid15 View Post

    Can I start a web project with 500$ ?

    A lot of people ask the same thing, I searched, but I didn't find the right answer... So I ask the experts here
    Yes you can. $500 is good enough to test a niche to see if it's responsive or not. I would do the essentials...

    1) find niche
    2) get site/domain name
    3) do squeeze page
    4) drive traffic to squeeze page
    5) checkout conversion rate
    6) wait 2 weeks to see if these people buy something from you

    That's what i do. I waste no time talking to door knobs. $500 is enough to test this out multiple times over and over again.

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      Have you thought outside the blog/SEO/affiliate marketing/PLR/content writing/CPA etc. box?

      I have helped quite a few people who had less than $500 and have learned enough from my book to start a business importing physical products and selling on eBay, Amazon etc.

      One emailed me recently expressing his delight at making a 300% markup and getting his $300 back quickly. (I have his email on file for FTC inspection of needed.) He is busily selling the rest of his inventory.
      Use emotions and perceptions to build a great brand. Ask me about my book LabelsThatExploit. For safe sourcing and easy importing from 41 countries globally, see
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    That's a heck of a lot of money. You do not need that much to start on the internet. As every reasonable member has said, identify your niche, get a working website / blog and get to the real fun part - the hard work of promoting your site. Your expectations must be realistic - but if you put in lots of relevant work, you should start seeing results in under 3 months. Good luck
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    Can I start a web project with 500$
    No. With $500, maybe.

    Hint: Putting the dollar sign after the amount is a sure fire way to drive people away.

    If you can't be bothered to even get the terminoligy right then there is not much hope for you.
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    That's a lot of money in the hands of a creative thinker and no more than dimes and nickels in the hands of a "no thinker". You'll have to decide which one are you and start you research or fundraising accordingly.
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    Originally Posted by rachid15 View Post


    Can I start a web project with 500$ ?

    A lot of people ask the same thing, I searched, but I didn't find the right answer... So I ask the experts here
    Everybody is going to give you the same answer, it depends on the project.

    But generally i'd say, yes you can. Hosting and domains are cheap, you are going to get alot of hosting, domains, tools and plugins for 500$ which should all suffice for making a successfull online project that will generate more money to move on to a more expensive project.
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    i hate to say this, some people make it easier than it really is. but you are still very encouraging to the newbies. what ever you do is alot of work and dedication.
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    Generally I would say yes for $500 .Yes you can check out for a starter .You can get most things from there. Domain , hosting .. for domain or a coupon code for . for domain ..Hosting there are lots hostgator I think its $11 a month .
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    Your budget is actually bigger than the budget of so many other people looking to get started. So, yes, you can.
    If you can create the website yourself, then do it and spend your money on promoting it. Or, you know, do what you think is best.
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    of course you can start you dont need much money online to start there is question what you think with project what kind of project so we can answer you more specific and easier
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    You can start with $100. The key is having an strong business concept and providing customers with something different that they want. Do some research before you launch. Use Google keyword checker to search for keywords in the niches you are considering in order to see what the search volume is as that will help guide you as to where to target your efforts.
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