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I'd like some advices on how to make money online.

My main qualification is I can automate anything (making bots and software myself)

I'm currently building an instagram account using my private bot but it's not effective.

Do you have any advice ?

Thanks and have a good day
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    Hi Nofire007,

    I cannot give you advice on techie stuff - you seem to have expertise in that area, and I don't.

    What I know for sure is you need to have an optimized sales funnel to stand any chance of making money online.

    The sales funnel would look something like the following: Traffic > Opt in page > Free Offer > Low priced front end offer > Up-sell products > Down sells > Recurring income product > High Ticket products.

    A sales funnel like that has the potential to make two or three sales per customer thereby increasing the chance of making a profit. Other methods generally do not cover the costs of getting the sales.

    Such a sales funnel need to be supported by a full marketing system to provide follow-up in different forms: emails, phone calls, webinars, technical support and community support.

    The choice is to create such a system yourself or find one where you can purchase a licence or franchise.

    Such a system will give you predictable results where you will be able to identify how many customers you need per month to meet your financial goals. You may also get marketing strategies to help you reach your goals.

    Turn $50 into $500!
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    Originally Posted by Nofire007 View Post

    I'd like some advices on how to make money online.
    Create something to sell to others, or promote someone elses product to others...

    (or do both)

    All while building a list at the same time.

    Simple stuff, and can be performed in which ever niche you like.
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    You have 2 choices: both will make you a lot of money.

    1. Setup a bot site, create wsos, link to your bot site from your sig, promote your service across every channel where folks like us hang out.

    2. Develop software so we can make our own bots (exec files that we can brand) and charge us a monthly/ year membership.

    There is a third option, but you'd have to change the color of your hat.


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    Learn one way I earn money: I give away free stuff.

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    Consider selling your bots/software to other people either one-time fee or monthly charge.

    If it's bot related, you might find a lot of buyers in the blackhat forums
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    Since you are a techie, you can sell any of your bots that works on
    places like JVZOO. I suggest you give a few experienced IMers on here
    to test them first and give you any feedbacks that can make them better etc.
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