Canada Anti-Spam Law - CASL - Response by Some Marketers

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I have started to notice a few marketers adding messages to the effect that they do not do business with Canadians any more. Here is the paragraph used most often:

Canada Residents: Due to a CASL law passed 7/1/14, we no longer do business with Canada residents. We've removed Canada residents from our e-mail lists based on IP address and we no longer target Canada in advertising. However, if you live in Canada and you've somehow found one of our non-CASL-compliant landing pages to opt-in to this e-mail list, then please unsubscribe using the link below.

As per web site Canada's Law on Spam and Other Electronic Threats - Home - Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation, this law is only applicable to marketers in Canada.

Canadian marketers should have little trouble complying with the law. The requirements are similar to the US "CAN-SPAM" regulations.

Interesting that in Canada, political campaigns are not subject to the new law when asking for contributions.
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