Junk emails are treasure

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In one of you email accounts, I was getting about 200 emails per day. Most of them are junk mails which made this email account almost unusable. I tried different things to avoid getting the emails but no luck. I was not sure what to do with this account. Then it came in my mind why not email them bank, after all most of their email addresses are valid. So I collected all the email addresses from the junk emails and put it in my outlook distribution list and start sending my sales copy using IboostSales. IboostSales personalizes the email and sends email one at a time from the distribution list in a single click. Within seven days my sales went up significantly, website traffic is sky rocketing. Just wanted to share this with you all.
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    What you are actually doing is spamming the poor people who have already had their email addresses abused by the original spammers. The original spammers forge the sent from address - they use real email addresses - not their own.

    The victims of this abuse can receive thousands of bounced emails per hour for a short period followed by a whole load of spam complaints - and it's not even their fault! Google 'joe job'.

    Sooner or later you will get reported for spamming and may get your email account shutdown.


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    poor guys,i didnt know that, that's how it works...
    hates the rain
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      Originally Posted by Joeman View Post

      I always wondered what would happen if i setup an account specifically to catch junk mail, then published it all to the web (removing email addresses).

      It would be an endless source of fresh contents.. would google know it was just spam??
      If a lot of content appears very quickly, googlebot is likely to flag your site for investigation.

      If they were text emails, with non-clickable text links, that might also tip off search engines that something was up. If they were clickable emails, the links will almost certainly go to 'bad neighbours', this hurting the overall performance of the site.

      I suspect the idea won't deliver a desirable outcome.

      66 ways to get links (and traffic) to your site.

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    Hi CliveG,
    You brought up a good point, but if those addresses do not belong to the spammers who spam me everyday, perhaps those "innocent" people did not know until they receive my email that their email addresses have been used to spam people. I attach a copy of the email that was sent to me when I email them back and I send one SalesCopy per spam I get.

    If those emails do not belong to the spammers, they can now change their password or whatever they need to do protect their email addresses. So their email addresses will not be used anymore to spam me and they will not get any email from me again. In a way I am doing a big favor to those guys since they now know their email addressed are being used to spam people. Dont you think so?

    I will look forward to see your comment.
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    You will never know unless you try it out no matter what others say. Thanks Keith for sharing your story.
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