Backdoor Scammers

by Bev Clement 3 replies
It's time to educate yourself to protect you from some of the backdoor scammers that are around.

These sometimes come in as I've never made any money in IM, what do I do, and then they are able to build a list of thousands in 24 hours, and make 5 figures in their first week, with no knowledge.

But, there is a far more dangerous type of scammer around.

They look like they are playing by the book, and yet they are waiting for the right moment to jump on their prey.

They are the ones who come in and claim to be the best in the industry or their niche. Yet, if you check nobody has heard of them. They manage to persuade some people (normally newbies) to be their cheerleaders, but they are in the scammers back pocket.

If you so much as post about something they are doing, they go bananas, because they have a guilty conscience, even when you are not saying anything about them. They turn nasty when they realise that someone might have discovered something about them, and that is the time when something is discovered, because they make such a song and dance, that people wonder what they have to hide.

They pretend to be the nice person, and then suddenly the whole scam is blown open by them using a false name. So many backdoor scammer are given away when they use a false name here, and a real name elsewhere.

Beware of the self appointed gurus, because normally they are not. Beware of those in their backpocket who are cheerleaders, ask how they became part of their inner circle.

They are around, take care and protect yourself.
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    Great post. It made me smile.

    But let me tell you little secret..... I met a guy once in my home town. I used to work with bands before in South Africa, but this guy was the "big dog" in town that made xxx amount of money and had it made for himself. I worked with him several times and over the course of several years I always wondered what made him bullshit so much in the line of work and yet he made tons of money.

    Then it hit me one day....

    He was Good at promoting himself and instilled trust in the people he worked for.

    But believe it or not, he rarely delivered on his promises and if things went wrong, he merely blamed something else. Never himself.

    In this line of work you have to ask yourself.... how many people are self-appointed millionaires and gurus. Lots are. The status of guru means absolutely nothing to me. However, I am a self appointed celebrity among certain niches online. Still I simply started with a unique name, a persona and paved the way for myself. No one else did. But I had to start somewhere.

    You will not get anywhere if you just stand in the corner and hope someone will notice you.

    You need to promote yourself and get out there. Some people will come out of nowhere. Yes, a lot of people start that way believe it or not. If you don't trust the person then don't. Everyone to his own opinion. But for those people that have no reputation, how do you imagine they have to start?
    "Find the problem and provide the solution."
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    Hi Bev,

    Seems like you've been rounding up scammers for several post already :-)

    Thanks for the warning..

    By the way Im a newbie, could anybody just hand me over a list so I wouldnt have to do any scamming :-) nyah..Just kidding.

    You may want to check my newly minted website though at :

    This was a result of a similar challenge by tommy in this forum..Though this site I will not flip and instead work on the Adsense angle. I also didnt posted that I was working on this one since I learned here already that action speaks louder than words...

    Thanks again Bev. Thanks to you all!
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      They are parrots. That itself is not a problem - the problem is that they feel the urge to change something in a system they copy and they spoil it... Newbies end up following their advice and conclude the whole IM "is a scam" and "doesn't work".

      Following people who practice what they preach cannot be substituted with a parrot. Nobody is perfect. People who are successful are no exception. But there is no substitute for a real experience. I don't want to sound dramatical but, if you're not aware that somebody is just a parrot you'll probably have a frustrating experience because of some "details".
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