How Do YOU Get Your Offers To Convert Better?

by SeanyG
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Hey guys,

So I have my first offer (ever) up and its going well.

I would like to make it convert BETTER but I am not sure how to find out what changes will increase conversion.

How you do determine what to tweak on your sales page and in your offer to increase conversion?
Do you use tools like heatmatps?
Do you survey your list?

Thanks in advance. Your advice is appreciated!

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    To name a few ways: Analytics, A/B split and Taguchi/Multivariate testing.

    Not to mention experience from previous tests, to focus on variables that tend to have higher impact.

    Marty Foley
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    Make sure you change one thing at a time. Try to always some sort of split testing going on. Examples: try having a different guarantee, make your guarantee longer and better, test out two different headlines, but do NOT do two different things at once or you will not know what caused the increase.
    Little things done regularly will help increase your conversion rates so be patient. Even if each tweak ups the rate by 0.20% overtime that will be great. Keep at it...
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    Are you able to let people look at the page in question ... we might spot some obvious points that could help you.
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    Test, test and test again. If you want to do Taguchi testing, that's a really good idea for narrowing down what "specifically" works in an offer, but I'd say do the A/B testing first to get a broad idea.

    As far as converting - excellent copywriting and design work flawlessly every time! And I'm not just saying that because I do both
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    Great advice on only testing one change at a time! I will do that for sure! Same goes with split testing. I never thought of doing that with a sales page / offer (only adwords).

    The reason why I didn't post my sales page is because I don't want to be hassling people for free critiques. The other reason is because I have surveyed my market (non IMers) and they actually say opposite things to what some of the recommendations I get on here.

    Solid advice guys. Thanks!
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    Hi Sean,

    Are you building a list on the front end first or you just sending the traffic to the sales page?

    The reason I ask is because it's MUCH easier to tweak a squeeze page then a full blown sales letter. If no squeeze page then I would start with the headline first with a split test. After you split, take the better converting headline and split one more time.

    Now you have a decent headline converting better then the first two you previously tested.

    Next, focus on tweaking the features and/or benefits. Split test ONCE with your current sales letter and the new one.

    Now, you should have a really good converting sales letter! If you're in a rut with not much more in conversions after all of this work then either you've squeezed what you can out of the niche or you need to hire a professional copywriter (assuming you're not a pro copywriter yourself) if this niche warrants it.

    I still think nothing's better than sending somewhat cheap PPC traffic to a squeeze page, building a list of at least 50 or more people and then sending split test sales letter offer to the list alternating to see what converts. You can then now tweak to your heart's content since they're on your list.

    After all this, then you can obviously ramp up all the free traffic generating techniques such as article writing, Web 2.0, etc.

    Good luck!
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      As well as the advice above, check out 10% Conversion Rate by Paul Hancox.

      Some serious info. in there that will help you. A lot of internet marketing experts recommend this book as well such as Michel Fortin and good old Paul Myers. An ebook worthy of printing out.
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    Great thread, i have been wondering myself and have tested but changed several things at once and as such had no idea where i was going. How long would you recommend to do split test 1 week a month then re-test??

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