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by Yuv102
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Hi guys!
I am considering buying a website through Flippa for a passive income since i have enough money to invest but not the time. I still have some doubts about it.
If a website is so good and generating a steady income - why on earth would anyone want to sell it?
and what's the reason it's price is around x10 from the monthly income? sometimes it looks too good to be true... so on what details you need to look when you buying a website? ( i know, i know, mostly look of months back and see there is no sharp raise in the income or visitors graphs)
Plus...i heard there are a lot of scammers in Flippa.

That's why i was thinking of another way to do it in a similar and safer way: tell me what do you think.

I want to get involved with someone who have the same interest as me and we can work together - for each other's benefits - Not some scammer that will just try to "sell" me a website in Flippa.
I'm going to look for an established website owner with a stable and good income (starting a least from a 4,000$/month revenue).
And i will offer invest a very nice amount of money for some % in the website.
Of course this money will go for investment for developing the websites, SEO and outsourcing. I'm not sure what kind of niche it will be.
Do you think i should do it alone? It can work? Maybe get a help from a coach? can you recommend me on someone?
Or just buying a website is a better way?
Thank you!
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    If you think buying a website is risky, try giving a lump sum of cash to a complete stranger. No thanks.

    If you do your homework, you can find sites on flippa that are sustainable and still have room for growth. No website or business is 100% hands free but you can outsource a lot of it if you are resourceful and know what you're doing.

    Plus you have full control of it.

    Most people who sell decent sites on flippa either hit a wall, lost interest, or are looking for investment capital for other businesses or sites.

    Handing a complete stranger money with no safeguards in place sounds like a disaster waiting to happen to me.
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    What business model?

    There are many ways a website can be monetized. Do you mean AdSense sites?

    If you are worried about getting scammed on Flippa then go through a legitimate broker or a site like Empire Flippers.

    The partnership idea you propose is even more risky than Flippa for both you and the website owner.
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      Most web sites are sold so the owner can get out from under it. The guy wants to get his cash and move on.

      So why would a business owner that's making $4,000/month want to sell you half his business and he still has to do the same work to keep the income stream working? I don't think anyone is going to go for that arrangement.

      Any time you go into partnership or put your money into partial ownership it's like crawling in bed with a stranger. Is that what you really want to do?

      You said you have money to invest but not the time. I would suggest you go invest it and not give it to a stranger because you have a fantasy about getting a steady paycheck from a passive online business.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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