[Idea] Get Newbies Wealthy, Coaches Wealthier

by Andoni
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Hello Warriors,

I have an idea that I would like to share with you, and discuss your opinions.

The aim of the method is to create a Win-Win situation for both sides.

So, browsing through WSO's I can see a number of confident internet marketers who promise that can help you earn a good income in a small period of time. The problem with some of them that they require an investment of $500 and some are close to $5000, which is an amount that most probably is not possible for an eager newbie to invest in.

My idea to solve this is to create a group of people of between 5-10 and a coach. Create a skype or facebook group to chat, get to know each others, be friends and decide whether the business model is suitable for all members's skills. The coach may decide who stays and who goes. And then the most important part...

All personal information is shared among the group. Then create a contract of agreement to complete payment when the goal is reached.

Instead of a WSO purchase with Full Refund %100 Your Money Back (No questions asked!) guarantee. The coach will be guaranteed the amount he asks for when reached by the member.

If this agreement is accomplished there are plenty of advantages:
  • Newbie members can start in highly priced WSO's.
  • Internet marketers who scam you to purchase non-working WSO's are left out.
  • The method is guaranteed to work since both parts will benefit.
  • The coach may demand more than the WSO's original price (If WSO's price is $100. He made me achieve $1000, I (gladly )pay him $500)

Please feel free to express your thoughts and if there's anyone interested leave me a PM.

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    This is a good idea. However, the contract to pay later gets kind of iffy.

    Most good coaches charge large fees not just because it's their job, and that's what their knowledge/services are worth... But also because it eliminates the procrastinators and people who won't take action or follow through...

    It creates a barrier to entry, meaning that the people who buy in are really serious. You're much more likely to put in the work when you paid $2,000 then when you paid $27.

    What I'd suggest is that this group you described does get together. With no paid coach, no money changing hands, no contracts (unless JV'ing later), just work out a solid method for all those involved to do either separately or together if they want. And be each others accountability buddies.

    Such a simple thing as an accountability buddy can really push you to make progress and complete tasks.

    Just my 2 pennies.

    - Matt G.
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      This is a good idea.
      No, it's not - it's another way to get something for free from someone not willing to spend money on his own business.

      Then create a contract of agreement to complete payment when the goal is reached.
      Nothing more than yet another "teach me for free and when (read that "if") I make money I'll pay you for your time".

      If you've been a member here since 2012 and you think this is how to get started - what have you been doing??? You don't need to buy WSO's at all - it's not a requirement to succeed online.

      Most WSO sellers aren't interested in leading you by the hand through their product and getting paid only if YOU make money. The product may be great - and the buyer dumb as a stick. Who knows?

      You'll get PMs - all from newbies wanting in on the great deal you are 'offering'. Except - you have nothing to offer them.
      Saving one dog will not save the world....but will forever change the world of one dog.
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        Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

        No, it's not - it's another way to get something for free from someone not willing to spend money on his own business.

        Did you read anything beyond that first sentence? Guess not...
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          Its really a lose-lose situation for everyone. The Coach sacrifices his time for free when 95% of the newbies get distracted and quit. And they will especially be easily distracted since it is no big deal if they fail...they paid nothing

          Like I said a Lose-Lose situation all the way around

          - Robert Andrew
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    You don't need to do this and you don't need a high priced WSO. There are no secrets.

    This would not help newbies succeed in any way. Why do newbies fail? How would this help?

    Newbies do not fail because they can't afford expensive WSOs. They fail because they get distracted, do not work hard or consistently and give up quickly if tangible results are not rapid.

    That is exactly why coaches want a lot of money and want it up front.

    They don't want to waste a bunch of time training people who will not make the effort to succeed.

    What problem is your idea solving?

    How does that benefit the coach?

    There have been a few ideas like this on WF but the only problem they solve is that some newbies don't want to pay for expensive training.

    That is neither a factor in their success or failure nor a problem for the coach.
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    I can see Andoni's problem - newbies getting scammed by people who claim to be coaches. Really, this situation has the potential to pop up whenever you pay first and wait for delivery after. It may not be the majority but it does happen.

    I wonder if it could work as a percentage based program up to a threshold? Say the coach gets 50% -70% of what the newbie makes up until the threshold. If the threshold is $3,000 and the coach works with the newbie until they reach $3,000, then the coach could receive $1,500-$2,100 while the newbie receives $900-$1,500 and a wealth of information along the way.

    Just an example, but to me that sounds a little more like win-win than paying the coach at the end, especially since it's performance based.
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      If the threshold is $3,000 and the coach works with the newbie until they reach $3,000, then the coach could receive $1,500-$2,100 while the newbie receives $900-$1,500 and a wealth of information along the way.
      As a newbie, I think that would be a fair.
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        Originally Posted by Ajna View Post


        As a newbie, I think that would be a fair.
        As a coach I can tell you your chances of success are maybe 2% from a random WSO so I would never invested in this.
        Plus If I'm paying for the product for you I'm taking 100% of the risk, if you choose to do nothing… I'm ****ed.

        Sure you could say you'll TRY - but again - I know from coaching thousands (literally) that MAYBE 2% - 5% will take action and fewer succeed from a random (even decent) WSO

        So I'm out money, you're not MOTIVATED because you didn't pay a damn thing and it's a waste of everybodys time.

        On ANOTHER note - why would I WORK with and coach a complete newbie for a tiny portion of their tiny profits when I could be doing it myself?

        So what - I spent 2 weeks teaching them the BASICS of whatever they're trying to learn and get half of the $19.99 one sale they made on clickbank?

        I learned a while ago to not do ANYTHING unless it's worth at least $400 an hour to me.

        I'm sorry - this is not a good idea nor is it fair.
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    Originally Posted by Andoni View Post

    Please feel free to express your thoughts

    You've designed this plan from the perspective of a newbie entrepreneur that can't figure things out and wants a mentor to hold his hand and force him to be successful.

    Profitable businesses aren't created that way.

    They are created by everyday people that go "all in" and invest themselves into their project so that they are accountable to themselves. They are problem solvers and persistent go-getters.

    What makes them successful is they find their own way and they don't stop for lack of capital, knowledge, or skills. They figure out how to do what needs to be done - sometimes they hire a mentor to get them over a rough spot that they can't solve themselves.

    People that want businesses handed to them on a silver platter are generally not the kind of people that succeed at Internet marketing.

    Anyone can make money online. But most people are not willing to do what is necessary to do it.

    The best mentors would never accept your terms. And most students will never do their part.



    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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