A 10 min. task that can = an extra $100 per month.

by garyv
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I tried this out a couple of months ago, and it has been generating me an extra few dollars per day consistently.

All I did was add a signature - which consists of only a few lines - to the bottom of every email being sent out by my auto-responder. It basically goes like this:

"As a visitor to our website, you're eligible to receive a free __________. Click Here for more details..."

Then you just fill in the blank w/ the best CPA free offer you can find. Try to find a zip or email submit, those convert the best.
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    Nice tip! I haven't tried CPA myself but I can see how that would be applicable.

    I always close with:

    Please feel free to forward this newsletter to any of your friends, they'll thank you for it.
    I first started doing this back in 1997 when I was teaching recruiters how to build their network online. It works quite well.
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    Nice simple idea. I like those small, no brainers everyone can do instantly.
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      Originally Posted by JamesGEvans View Post

      Hi Gary,

      That's a great idea, I do something similar with RSS feeds, nice one! ... ok let's explain the RSS feeds one, there are some plugins around that will add a signature to your own RSS feed, you can do the same there...Regarding email what I use is feedburner you can do nice things with it too...

      Thanks for the tip,

      Also a great idea. I hadn't thought of that.
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